11 Websites With Best Email Marketing Templates For 2020

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11 Websites With Best Email Marketing Templates For 2020

Email marketing can give excellent results, if you are able to create a beautiful email template that is of an appropriate length; attracts eyeballs and easy to read and comprehend. Also, there should be little hassle in writing an email when there are plenty of sites to help.

  1. Mailchimp


It is a popular email marketing tool with a large collection of 100+ predesigned templates that you can use for free. It has an email template for every need and all the designs are customizable to suit individual needs of users.

  1. Campaign Monitor


It offers 50+ free mobile-responsive email templates of different categories to suit every need. In addition to providing a varied choice, it allows ample flexibility in designing email campaigns using its templates.

  1. ZOHO Campaigns


It has divided its free email marketing templates into different categories occasions like holiday and birthday. But “business” is a special category where you can find 25+ types of attractive email templates for different types of businesses.

  1. SendGrid


Another great platform for finding predesigned email templates, it also allows self-designing with its tools. It offers 40+ template designs to suit individual needs. But the users are free to make their templates using its “marketing campaign” on the dashboard.

  1. Constant Contact


This website has a large selection of email templates for every business need including announcements, newsletters, events invites and sales emails. Whatever your objective is, you can easily find an email template matching with your needs on this site.

  1. Cakemail


It is also a reliable source of finding interesting emailing templates that you can use for free for your email marketing campaigns. And the templates are available for all kinds of needs including welcome messages, deals offered and newsletter.

  1. Email Octopus


It is a lesser known site for free emailing templates but it has a good selection of mobile-responsive templates that work on all types of devices including laptops. It provides minimal designs and a limited number of options. Its 11 unique designs aren’t categorized to keep things simple.

  1. Stripo


If you are looking for a complete design without going into customization then this website can fulfill your needs. It has 300+ email templates to suit every need. And these templates are unique in design. Also, it allows customization.

  1. ActiveCampaign


Another website for free email marketing templates but it has something different to offer. It makes engaging emails using different color combinations, layouts and designs.

  1. BEE Free


If no other site could meet your needs then you can land on this website where you will find a great selection of 200+ designs for different needs including announcements, newsletter, welcome, deals and offers. Also, it has categorized templates into different needs to ease of locating the right template.

  1. Colorlib


This site boasts of having thousands of email templates but offers only 39 emails for free use. Having many options is an opportunity to find a readymade template that perfectly matches with your needs.