2023 Amesbury: Top Restaurants, Food & Grocery Instagram Influencers

In 2023, Amesbury has been transformed into a foodie’s paradise, boasting some of the most innovative restaurants, groceries and artisanal food-based Instagram influencers. From heritage cheese makers to award-winning bakeries, these remarkable establishments have set a new benchmark for gastronomic excellence and social media presence.

Here, we take a look at the top three noteworthy restaurants, food and grocery influencers that have been making an impact in Amesbury for the past year. Get ready for an amazing sensory journey as you explore the culinary magic that these revolutionary pioneers have brought to the city!

Top 3 restaurants, food & grocery Instagram influencers from Amesbury:

1. Meant to Brie Boards,LLC – @meanttobrieboards

Meant to Brie Boards, LLC is an Instagram influencer from Amesbury, MA that offers unique cheese, charcuterie, and fruit boards. Their unique approach has earned them 5,662 followers and an average of 2.0% engagement rate per post, 2136480 views on TikTok and 113 engagements. With a focus on quality ingredients and a unique culinary vision, Meant to Brie Boards, LLC has been winning over food enthusiasts for years.

Followers: 5,662

Engagement rate: 2.0%

Avg. engagement: 113

2. Flatbread Company Amesbury – @flatbreadcompanyamesbury

Flatbread Company Amesbury is an Instagram influencer from Amesbury, Massachusetts. With over 3,140 followers, Flatbread Company Amesbury offers their audience delicious recipes and fun experiences through quirky TikToks and creative posts.

In an average post, viewers engage at an impressive rate of 2.93%, seeing 2136480 views and 92 engagements. If you’re looking for flavourful recipes and a great dining experience, look no further than Flatbread Company Amesbury.

Followers: 3,140

Engagement rate: 2.93%

Avg. engagement: 92

3. Crave Amesbury – @craveamesbury

Crave Amesbury is an influencer from Amesbury, Massachusetts, devoted to bringing the best restaurants, food and grocery stories to their growing community. With 2,572 followers on Instagram,2136480 average views on TikTok and 71 average engagements per post – their content is certainly on-trend.

Crave Amesbury boasts an impressive 2.76% engagement rate, illustrating the power of their influence.

Followers: 2,572

Engagement rate: 2.76%

Avg. engagement: 71

Last But Not Least:

The Amesbury food & restaurant scene of 2023 may be vastly different from what it looks like today. But no matter the changing landscape, the incredible work done by The 3 Noteworthy Restaurants, Food & Grocery Instagram Influencers of Amesbury will remain true.

We can’t wait to be surprised by what else they bring to our tables in years to come. Bon appetite!