2023 Békéscsaba: 6 Trending Pets TikTok Influencers List

Welcome to our exclusive blog post featuring the top 6 TikTok influencers in 2023 Békéscsaba, specializing in trending pet trends! As the pet owning community continues to skyrocket in both popularity and members, influencers are now being relied on for advice, tips, and unique approaches to pet care. From upcoming diets, to special treatments, and even eccentric pet styles, 2023 Békéscsaba’ pet influencers are leading the way! Let’s take a look at the list of the most sought after and successful TikTok pet influencers.

Top 6 pets TikTok influencers from Békéscsaba:

1. Eve – @szaszak_evelyn_artist

Eve is a renowned TikTok influencer from Békéscsaba, Hungary. With the handle szaszak_evelyn_artist, she has managed to garner 19,100 and 44540 average views per post and a 2,618 average engagements respectively.

Currently, the average engagement rate of Eve’s posts is 13.71%. Eve is dedicated to her pet-related content, providing viewers with both informative and funny content to enjoy.

Followers: 19,100

Engagement rate: 13.71%

Avg. engagement: 2,618

Avg. views: 44,540

2. Sophie Birkas? – @ssophiebirkas

Sophie Birkas is a TikTok influencer from Békéscsaba, Hungary who has amassed over 53,600 followers on the platform. She consistently delivers creative and engaging content with an average of 22,233 views and 2,188 engagements per post, resulting in an impressive 4.08% engagement per post.

Followers: 53,600

Engagement rate: 4.08%

Avg. engagement: 2,188

Avg. views: 22,233

3. ???? ℂ???? – @ivicukiii

An influencer from Békéscsaba ???? ℂ????, otherwise known as ivicukiii, is an extremely popular pet TikTok creator with an average of 25,600 views and 929 engagements per post, resulting in an impressive 3.63% engagement rate. They are a must-follow for anyone who loves animals and TikTok.

Followers: 25,600

Engagement rate: 3.63%

Avg. engagement: 929

Avg. views: 10,439

4. Viki Nagy – @dark_demon000

Viki Nagy (@dark_demon000) is a TikTok influencer from Békéscsaba with an average of 4,118 views and 1071 engagements per post, with a 2.55% engagement rate. Viki is known for showcasing her collection of pets on her account, and has become an increasingly popular TikTok influencer amongst animal-lovers across Hungary.

Followers: 4,118

Engagement rate: 2.55%

Avg. engagement: 105

Avg. views: 1,071

5. ♥︎????♥︎ – @pet_lover_forever

♥︎????♥︎, an influencer from Békéscsaba who goes by the username pet_lover_forever, is a popular TikTok influencer who promotes pet-related content. With an average of 2,004 views and 840 engagements per post, their posts have an engagement rate of 6.29% which puts them among the truly successful TikTok influencers.

Followers: 2,004

Engagement rate: 6.29%

Avg. engagement: 126

Avg. views: 840

6. ?Animals? – @_.animal..edits._

?Animals? is a TikTok influencer from Békéscsaba, Hungary, who has a username of _.animal.edits._, with an average of 3,178 views and 5264 engagements per post, as well as an impressive 26.75% engagement rate. ?Animals? specializes in creating fun and informative content related to various pets, suitable for all kinds of audiences.

Followers: 3,178

Engagement rate: 26.75%

Avg. engagement: 850

Avg. views: 5,264

In a Nutshell:

We hope this article has given you some insight into who the top TikTok influencers with pet contents are in 2023 Békéscsaba. No matter the size or the breed of pet, all of the pets on this list share one important thing: enthusiasm for life and love for their owners.

With content dedicated to brightening days, promoting health, and raising awareness of animal issues, these pet owners are truly making a positive impact on the world.