2023 Boa Vista: Uncovering the Top 3 Phenomenal Pet Instagram Influencers

2023 has been a wild year for pets on social media, and Boa Vista has been at the forefront of some of the most influential furry friends on the web. From Instagram, to TikTok and all the other social media outlets, these three pets have quickly gained fame and clout due to their remarkable affections, cuteness, and presence online.

Thus, we present you with the top 3 phenomenal pet influencers in Boa Vista of 2023 – Buttersweet, Heisenfur, and Dexter whose followership translates to a net worth of thousands of dollars. Read on to learn more about this petacular trio!

Top 3 pets Instagram influencers from Boa Vista:

1. Dino_Monster_Kennel – @dino_monster_kennel

Dino_Monster_Kennel is an Instagram influencer from Boa Vista with a large, devoted following of 5,315 people. Primarily known for their pet-based content, their TikToks have had an impressive average of 423849 views and 244 engagements per post, giving them an engagement rate of 4.59%. They are quickly becoming one of the most well-liked accounts in their niche, and their ever-growing fan base show no signs of their popularity waning.

Followers: 5,315

Engagement rate: 4.59%

Avg. engagement: 244

2. Santa Patinha_ Estรฉtica Animal – @santa_patinha

Santa Patinha_Estรฉtica Animal is an Instagram influencer from Boa Vista, with an impressive following of 2,616 followers. Their TikTok videos garnering an average of 423849 views each, and their Instagram posts achieving an average of 190 engagements. Not to mention their impressive engagement rate of 7.26%, Santa Patinha is making their mark in the influencer space!

Followers: 2,616

Engagement rate: 7.26%

Avg. engagement: 190

3. Arkadia Kennel – @arkadia_kennel

Arkadia Kennel from Boa Vista is a popular Instagram influencer focused on pets. They have 1,612 followers and an impressive 423849 average views per TikTok.

On average, their posts get 112 engagements and a 6.95% engagement rate. They have become quite a sensation, garnering quite a large following!

Followers: 1,612

Engagement rate: 6.95%

Avg. engagement: 112


It is clear that these 3 incredible Instagram pet influencers of Boa Vista have left quite the impression with their extraordinary work and loyalty to their fans. Not only are they inspiring local influencers, they are also inspiring people all around the world.

From their unique perspectives and insightful messages to their enormous support, these pet influencers are truly setting the example of how to make your dreams come true. Until next time, let us take a moment to appreciate their determined commitment and hard work towards making a difference.