2023 Campobasso Top 3 Beer, Wine, and Spirits Influencers on Instagram

Twenty-three has arrived and Campobasso, Italy is now teeming with an ever-growing community of beer, wine and spirits Instagram influencers. Emerging from unexpected places, these bold personalities are making waves, telling stories, and transforming social media with their dynamic, creative energy.

In this blog post, we’ll take a closer look at the three biggest personalities behind these, who โ€“ over the years โ€“ have managed to make a huge impact on Campobasso’s thriving community. So let’s dive right into it, as we explore the top three beer, wine & spirits influencers at Campobasso in 2023.

Top 3 beer, wine & spirits Instagram influencers from Campobasso:

1. KUDETAฬ€ – @kudeta_campobasso

KUDETAฬ€ is an Instagram influencer from Campobasso, Italy who is known for promoting wine, beer, and spirits. Having amassed 1,817 followers on Instagram, KUDETAฬ€ often posts on TikTok where they have an average of 79,412 views per video and 196 average engagements per post.

They have a very high engagement rate of 10.79% in their posts.

Followers: 1,817

Engagement rate: 10.79%

Avg. engagement: 196

2. HOPS UP! – @hops_up

HOPS UP! is an Instagram influencer from Campobasso, Italy with an impressive following of 4,578! Their TikTok account is the star of the show, with an average of 79,412 views per video. To top it off, HOPS UP! has a stellar engagement rate of 2.4% that results in an average of 110 engagements per post.

If you’re a fan of beer, wine and spirits, then you’ll definitely want to follow HOPS UP! on Instagram.

Followers: 4,578

Engagement rate: 2.4%

Avg. engagement: 110

3. Cantaloop Birrificio Minimo – @cantaloopbirrificiominimo

Cantaloop Birrificio Minimo is an Instagram influencer from Campobasso in Italy. Their username is cantaloopbirrificiominimo.

With over 1,500 followers, their posts generate an impressive average of 79,412 views per video on TikTok and average engagements of 82 per post. This has led to a solid 5.31% engagement rate for all posts.

Cantaloop Birrificio Minimo is a will known name in the beer, wine, and spirits world and continue to deliver amazing content to their followers.

Followers: 1,543

Engagement rate: 5.31%

Avg. engagement: 82


To conclude our look at the top beer, wine, and spirits influencers at Campobasso in 2023, we can confidently say that these three gifted influencers are poised to have an exciting and successful future. Their creativity, passion and expertise in the field of alcoholic beverages has made them stand out in a crowded social media landscape and they have sparked conversations that have helped shape the future of this industry.

They have certainly made an impact in 2023, and we can only expect their momentum to continue in the years to come. Cheers!