2023 Catania: Who Are the Top 3 Electronics & Computers Instagram Influencers?

2023 has been a monumental year for the influence of computers and electronics in Catania, Italy. Three Instagram influencers have emerged and become renowned in this field – rising to fame due to their creative and pioneering posts.

Auri Attho – with her captivating posts full of technicolor and innovation, Auri is an Instagram sensation! She has carved out a niche as a trendsetter in the electronics and computer industry.

Pax Salome – PAX is an Instagram influencer with a “No-nonsense” approach to her craft.

She posts valuable content about the newest advances in electronics, from product launches to advice on how to get the most out of your gadgets.

Sash Dernelli – Sash Dernelli takes a more educational approach to her posts, posting about the intricacies of electronic engineering topics such as wiring, soldering, and microcontrollers.

She is a pioneer in this subject and her insights are second-to-none!

These three Instagram influencers are shining examples of how computers and electronics can be used to enhance the lives of people in Catania, Italy. Join us as we explore the work they have done and the impact they have made in the industry.

Top 3 electronics & computers Instagram influencers from Catania:

1. Stonic – @djstonic

Djstonic is an electronics & computers Instagram influencer from Catania. He has earned 7,556 followers and an impressive average of 58,313 views per TikTok and 1,807 average engagements per post.

His posts boast an impressive engagement rate of 23.91%. Djstonic is an expert in all things electronics and computers, and continues to draw in followers with his quality content.

Followers: 7,556

Engagement rate: 23.91%

Avg. engagement: 1,807

2. Valeria❤Giuseppe TRAVEL FAMILY – @our.amazing.travels

Valeria❤Giuseppe TRAVEL FAMILY is an Electronics & Computers Instagram Influencer from Catania and a TikTok star with a following of 34,421 followers. On average, their videos have 58,313 views, and their posts garner 1,634 engagements each, giving a 4.75% engagement rate. Check out their page @our.

amazing.travels to get inspired!

Followers: 34,421

Engagement rate: 4.75%

Avg. engagement: 1,634

3. Marilena Barbagallo – @marilena_barbagallo_author

Marilena Barbagallo is an electronics & computers Instagram influencer from Catania, Italy. Marilena has attracted over 11,359 followers with her impressive TikTokk video average of 58,313 views, as well as an average post engagement of 969 and 8.53% engagement rate on her Instagram posts.

With her drive and enthusiasm, Marilena is sure to make bigger waves in the online electronics & computers community.

Followers: 11,359

Engagement rate: 8.53%

Avg. engagement: 969

The Bottom Line:

To conclude this blog post, it can be seen that the top three revered electronics & computers Instagram influencers in Catania in 2023 made their mark on the industry. Their passion, creativity, and hard work have hold them as one of the best in the field.

Their successful journey is an example to inspire people to pursue their dreams and never give up. Thus, they are recommended to many electronics & computers enthusiasts out there and have made a niche in the city.