2023 Charnwood Top 3 Music Instagram Influencers

The music industry is constantly in flux, and some of the biggest influencers this year are musicians who’ve taken to Instagram to gain a following and quickly make a name for themselves. Here at Charnwood, we’ve had the privilege of watching talented emerging artists become 2020’s most visible faces on social media.

We’ve rounded up the three leading music Instagram influencers at Charnwood for 2023, and are excited to share their stories with you! Find out why these stars are blazing bright in the music industry and how they bring artistry and creativity to their feeds.

Top 3 music Instagram influencers from Charnwood:

1. DAZEL – @dazeldnb

DAZEL, the music Instagram influencer from Charnwood, has made a name for himself in the music industry with his username dazeldnb. With over 1,531 followers and an average of 423849 views per TikTok, he has an engagement rate of 5.68% and averages 87 engagements per post. He is steadily growing his brand and making waves in the music scene.

Followers: 1,531

Engagement rate: 5.68%

Avg. engagement: 87

2. Zach Weaver – @zach.weaver01

Zach Weaver, a popular music influencer from Charnwood, has established a presence on Instagram under the username zach.weaver01 and amassed 1,216 followers. His TikTok videos have achieved an average of 423849 views, with an impressive 84 average engagements per post and 6.91% engagement rate. Zach Weaver is making waves in the music industry with his innovative and creative music videos.

Followers: 1,216

Engagement rate: 6.91%

Avg. engagement: 84

3. MAY CHI – @maychiwong

MAY CHI, the Music Instagram Influencer from Charnwood, is a TikTok sensation. Their work is expressed through animation and song and is certainly worth a watch; averaging over 400,000 views per post and an engagement rate of 6.57%, MAY CHI is definitely making waves in the music community.

With 1,020 followers and a username of maychiwong, MAY CHI is undoubtedly one of Charnwood’s biggest stars!

Followers: 1,020

Engagement rate: 6.57%

Avg. engagement: 67

In Short:

Looking for some great Instagram inspirations for music? Look no further than the top 3 music Instagram influencers from Charnwood for 2023! These influencers know their stuff, and have made a big impact with their social media presence. They have shown that you don’t need to have a ginormous following for your content to be seen.

So, get ready to sit back, relax, and enjoy the tunes from these top 3 influencers!