2023: Check Out the Top 3 Instagram Influencers from Parauapebas for Clothes, Shoes, Handbags, and Accessories

There’s no denying that everyone loves shopping for fabulous clothes, shoes, and accessories! What better way to get the latest style advice than to be on top of the trendiest influencers on Instagram? A city that tops the list when we talk about the latest fashion trends is definitely Parauapebas! This enchanting city is home to some of the best influencers and style mavens, who are always giving us the latest scoop on fashion! From dresses to shoes and bags, these fabulously talented individuals are always ahead of the game. So, let’s take a look at the top 3 amazing fashion influencers from Parauapebas, and get into their world of fashion and style!

Top 3 clothes, shoes, handbags & accessories Instagram influencers from Parauapebas:

1. Mandy | Influencer Cristรฃ ?? – @amandajessianny

Mandy | Influencer Cristรฃ ?? is an Instagram influencer from Parauapebas with 5,225 loyal followers who follow her life journey as she styles the latest trends in fashion and accessories. Not only is her feed filled with stylish outfits but her TikTok videos have an average of 490,343 views and 316 average engagements! Talk about making an impressionโ€”on top of it, her engagement rate of 6.05% makes her the social media maven everyone goes to for fashion advice.

Followers: 5,225

Engagement rate: 6.05%

Avg. engagement: 316

2. Rhuan gabriell – @rhuanbiell_lima

Rhuan gabriell (@rhuanbiell_lima) is an Instagram influencer from Parauapebas. He is famous for promoting trendy clothes, shoes, handbags and accessories.

His popularity has been steadily increasing, with currently 1,901 followers and 490,343 average views per TikTok. He has achieved a remarkable 16.04% engagement rate in his posts with an average of 305 engagements per post.

Followers: 1,901

Engagement rate: 16.04%

Avg. engagement: 305

3. Cauanne Ketelly – @_c.ketelly

Cauanne Ketelly, an Instagram influencer from Parauapebas, is taking the fashion world by storm. Known on Instagram as _c.ketelly, Cauanne has captured the attention of over 1,558 Followers with a combined 490,343 average views on TikTok and 188 average engagements per post.

She demonstrates a 12.07% engagement rate on her posts, showcasing fashionable clothes, shoes, and accessories.

Followers: 1,558

Engagement rate: 12.07%

Avg. engagement: 188

Finishing Up:

In conclusion, we can say that the top 3 awesome clothes, shoes, handbags, and accessories influencers from Parauapebas could be a great way to start off your 2023 wardrobe. Whether youโ€™re looking for the perfect dress to walk down the aisle or just a great new way to punch up your wardrobe, these influencers can provide a great source of inspiration.

So if you’re looking to freshen up your look, be sure to check out the work of these fashionistas and see what they have to offer!