2023 Drummondville Fitness & Yoga Top 3 Instagram Influencers

Are you looking to give your fitness and yoga routines in your life a major boost? If so, you need to know about the 3 biggest fitness and yoga Instagram influencers in Drummondville for 2023! From motivating and inspiring content to tips and tricks, these influencers will help ensure your journey to physical and mental well-being is a success. So, if you’re looking for guidance from the top influencers in the city, read on and unlock their secrets to success.

Top 3 fitness & yoga Instagram influencers from Drummondville:

1. Mร‰Rร‰DITH PELLETIER – @meredithpelletier_

Mรฉrรฉdith Pelletier is an inspirational Instagram influencer from Drummondville. She focuses mostly on fitness and yoga content, with lots of videos and photos to motivate and inspire her followers. Mรฉrรฉdith has 1,514 Instagram followers, as well as 30121 views and 84 average engagements per post on TikTok.

Her posts have a 5.55% engagement rate, and she has lots of great tips for getting in shape and maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

Followers: 1,514

Engagement rate: 5.55%

Avg. engagement: 84

2. CrossFit Drummond Soprema – @crossfitdrummond

CrossFit Drummond Soprema (@crossfitdrummond) is a popular fitness and yoga influencer from Drummondville, with 1,043 followers on Instagram. On TikTok, they average 30121 views per video, and their Instagram posts generally garner 71 engagements and a 6.81% engagement rate.

This Montreal-based authority on fitness and yoga is well-known in the region.

Followers: 1,043

Engagement rate: 6.81%

Avg. engagement: 71

3. Sonia Hamel – @soniahamel7911

Sonia Hamel (@soniahamel7911) is an Instagram influencer from Drummondville who loves to motivate and inspire her online followers by sharing her journey in fitness and yoga. She has attracted over 1,000 followers through her TikTok videos, which average nearly 30,000 views and 24 engagements per post.

Her posts consistently achieve an engagement rate of more than 2%. Follow Sonia to stay up to date with her health and wellness journey!

Followers: 1,009

Engagement rate: 2.38%

Avg. engagement: 24


We can all agree that the three biggest fitness & yoga influencers from Drummondville are making a fantastic impact on the health and wellness industry. Their dedication and enthusiasm to helping people reach their health and fitness goals is highly admirable.

With their insight, creativity, and wit, they have established themselves as key influencers in their field and are providing a platform for others to join them. Their influence continues to spread, and we look forward to seeing more inspiring accounts of health and wellness to come.