2023: Finland’s Top 7 Pet Instagram Influencers

The past seven years have seen an incredible surge of pet influencers climbing to the very apex of the online world. From unexpected corners of the globe, including Finland, these beloved pets have risen to fame and popularity as people seek to keep up with the latest trends and lifestyles championed by the furry faces we all love to follow.

In this blog post, let’s dive into the seven hottest pet influencers of Finland in 2023. Who are they, and what makes them so popular? Let’s find out!

Top 7 pets Instagram influencers from Finland:

1. Ossi Saarinen – @soosseli

Ossi Saarinen, a Finnish Instagram influencer who goes by the username soosseli, has built a massive social media presence of over 307,219 followers and impressive engagement rates of 5.82%, with an average of 17,884 engagements per post and 31528358 average views per video. He has gained widespread recognition from pet-lovers all over the world, taking his business from pet care to creating a fun and informative brand.

Followers: 307,219

Engagement rate: 5.82%

Avg. engagement: 17,884

2. Äijä ja Aki – @aijakoira

Äijä ja Aki, a Finnish Instagram influencer and their two pet pooches, are capturing the hearts of 62,051 followers worldwide. With an impressive average of over 30,000 views per video, the duo have become a fan favorite.

Their posts regularly get over 10,000 likes and comments, with an engagement rate of 17.6% – admirable numbers in the influencer sphere. Check out their profile, @aijakoira, and see why their fans have fallen in love.

Followers: 62,051

Engagement rate: 17.6%

Avg. engagement: 10,924

3. Seppo – @seppokoira

Seppo, the Finnish Instagram influencer also known as seppokoira, has gained quite a bit of popularity. With 30,333 Followers, and an incredible average of 31.

5 million views per video, it’s no surprise that 4,190 people are engaging with each post and achieved a 13.81% engagement rate in their posts. Seppo has become an inspirational and popular pet Instagram influencer.

Followers: 30,333

Engagement rate: 13.81%

Avg. engagement: 4,190

4. Korkeasaaren eläintarha – @korkeasaari

Korkeasaaren eläintarha, the popular pet Instagram influencer from Finland, is quickly becoming a social media sensation. With 32,214 followers and 3,512 average engagements per post, their content is loved and appreciated by followers worldwide.

Additionally, with an average of 31.528.358 views per video and engagement rate of 10.9% per post, they make sure to keep their audience engaged and entertained.

Followers: 32,214

Engagement rate: 10.9%

Avg. engagement: 3,512

5. Eläinsuojelukeskus Tuulispää – @esk_tuulispaa

Eläinsuojelukeskus Tuulispää is an Instagram influencer from Finland. With a username of esk_tuulispa, the posts of the influencer are already popular amongst their 43,751 followers, achieving an average of 31528358 views per video and 3,039 engagements per post, for a very high 6.95% engagement rate.

The influencer shares content related to rescuing and caring for animals, which might explain the huge success of their posts.

Followers: 43,751

Engagement rate: 6.95%

Avg. engagement: 3,039

6. Itä-Uudenmaan poliisikoirat – @iupoliisik9

Itä-Uudenmaan poliisikoirat (@iupoliisik9) is a Finnish police dog pack gaining major popularity on Instagram! With over 17,770 followers, their posts typically garner an average of 3,152,835 views per video, 1,315 engagements per post, and an impressive engagement rate of 7.4%. Follow this heroic canine squad to stay informed, entertained, and inspired! #dogsofinstagram #finnishpolicedogs #heroes

Followers: 17,770

Engagement rate: 7.4%

Avg. engagement: 1,315

7. Antti Paakki – @paakkia

Antti Paakki, a Finnish Instagram influencer known as @paakkia, is making waves in the pet influencer sphere. With an impressive 12,676 followers, an impressive average of 31,528,358 views per video, a staggering 1,071 engagements per post, and an unparalleled 8.45% engagement rate in posts, Paakki is an inspiration for pet influencers everywhere.

Paakki is a great example of how one person’s pet content can reach, entertain, and compel an incredible audience.

Followers: 12,676

Engagement rate: 8.45%

Avg. engagement: 1,071


As the digital age continues to flourish, Finland is home to a number of pets that have been given their own follower base due to their captivating personalities. These 7 furry and feathery influencers are changing the lives of pet owners, proving that with a bit of hard work and a bit of luck, they could be Insta-famous one day too.

So remember that pet influencers don’t just stop at cats and dogs – get creative and get noticed! Thanks for reading!