2023 Florence Influencers: Top 3 Toys, Children, and Baby Instagrammers

It’s 2023 and the vibrant city of Florence, Italy is well on its way to becoming the epicenter of amazing, family-friendly entertainment. As the first city to embrace the concept of Instagram influencers specifically for children’s and baby toys, the city has seen a surge in popularity and success.

Welcome to Florence where you can meet the three incredible toy influencers and their phenomenal creations that are sure to spark joy in any child’s heart! Get ready to be surprised, delighted, and inspired as you follow their amazing journeys and discover the unique toys they create and share with the world.

Top 3 toys, children & baby Instagram influencers from Florence:

1. ????? ????? – @walkbyfaith901

????? ????? is an Instagram influencer from Florence who focuses on toys, children and baby-related topics. Their username is walkbyfaith901, and they have gathered over 50,000 followers on Instagram.

Additionally, their TikTok account boasts over 300,000 average views per TikTok, and their posts generate over 1,200 likes/comments on average. With an engagement rate of 2.46%, ????? ????? is firmly establishing themselves as a prominent influencer in the toy, children and baby influencer community.

Followers: 52,744

Engagement rate: 2.46%

Avg. engagement: 1,297

2. alyssa kate – @alyssatoepfert

Alyssa Kate, from Florence, is an Instagram influencer for children, babies, and toys. With the username alyssatoepfert, she is gaining recognition for her creative content and ability to engage her audience.

She already has 2,623 followers and, on TikTok, a very impressive 366,330 average views per video. Her Instagram posts on average gain 551 engagements, giving her 21.01% engagement rate.

Alyssa Kate is someone to keep an eye on in the influencer landscape!

Followers: 2,623

Engagement rate: 21.01%

Avg. engagement: 551

3. FOLLOW MAIN PAGE! @cheer_bc – @boonecountycheer

Boone County Cheer, an Instagram influencer from Florence, is taking the world by storm with their incredible focus on toys, children, and baby products. With over 1,043 followers and an impressive average of 366,330 views per post on TikTok, Boone County Cheer’s content is both engaging and magnetic.

With an average engagement rate of 11.41% and an average engagement rate of 119 per post, Boone County Cheer is quickly becoming a favorite of the Instagram community. Follow @cheer_bc for more!

Followers: 1,043

Engagement rate: 11.41%

Avg. engagement: 119

Last words:

In short, the 2023 year for children & baby Instagram influencers at Florence was undeniably phenomenal in the world of toys. With these three powerful pacesetters expanding the boundaries of play, and more influential creators to come, it’s a certainty this trend will only strengthen.

While the future may be uncertain, one thing that can be known without fail is that if you’re looking for the very best in interactive, creative, and beyond-the-box playtime, Florence is the place to go.