2023 Kaluga Pet Instagram Influencers: Extraordinary Top 3 List

As the new year beckons, pet enthusiasts everywhere are eager to find out who will be making waves on Instagram in 2023. From adorable kittens and cuddly puppies to exotic lizards, frogs, and snakes, it seems like just about any animal is fair game when it comes to achieving influencer fame.

But which ones make the most dazzling displays of online stardom? In Kaluga, three extraordinary furry (and scaly!) creatures seem to reign supreme on the Instagram influencer scene. We take a look at the top three most influential Kaluga pet Instagram superstars of 2023.

Top 3 pets Instagram influencers from Kaluga:

1. голден ретриверы от Ледиюли – @ladyyuli_gold

Meet inspiring Kaluga pet influencer голден ретриверы от Ледиюли, with the username @ladyyuli_gold, who has built a vibrant community of 4,974 followers on Instagram. They have been able to reach an impressive average of 23617 views per post on TikTok and can boast an average of 400 engagements per post with an engagement rate of 8.04%. Check out their social channels to learn all there is to know about their world!

Followers: 4,974

Engagement rate: 8.04%

Avg. engagement: 400

2. jeff_fart_and_elena – @jeff_fart_and_elena

Jeff_fart_and_elena, an Instagram influencer from Kaluga, is paw-sitively beloved by their 1,378 followers. Their popularity shines through their content, as they consistently garner ~23,617 views and 180 engagements on average per TikTok! Not to mention, their impressive 13.06% engagement rate per post solidifies their influence – they put the ‘pet-tential’ in influencers!

Followers: 1,378

Engagement rate: 13.06%

Avg. engagement: 180

3. Чик krasavchik – @chik_krasavchik

This dazzling Instagram influencer is sure to brighten up your feed! Based in Kaluga, Russia, Chik Krasavchik is an up and coming social media star. With an impressive 1,135 followers, Chik Krasavchik’s pictures and videos reel in an incredible23617 average views per TikTok along with173 average engagements per post and a 15.24% engagement rate—an impressive start for a pet-lover! Follow Chik Krasavchik today for furry fun!

Followers: 1,135

Engagement rate: 15.24%

Avg. engagement: 173

End Note:

In conclusion, the top 3 extraordinary pets influencers from Kaluga for 2023 will dazzle, amaze and inspire you. From a variety of furry, feathered, and scaly friends, these unique pet owners will give insight into the world of their special ones.

Not just offering great cute pet content, but also a sense of bond and unconditional love. They will make you laugh and learn alongside their adventures and companionship.

A promising sight to witness come 2023!