2023 Launceston’s Top 3 Remarkable Beer, Wine, and Spirits Instagram Influencers

2023 has been a transformative year in many regards–not least in the world of beer, wine and spirits. In Launceston, three remarkable social media influencers have emerged from the craft brewing, viniculture and distilling scene, each with a unique story to tell and perspective to share.

From local brewers to internationally-acclaimed masters of their craft, these three tastemakers have come to define the culture of drinks in Launceston during an extraordinary year in modern history. Let’s meet them.

Top 3 beer, wine & spirits Instagram influencers from Launceston:

1. Du Cane Brewing – @ducanebrewing

Du Cane Brewing is an Instagram influencer based out of Launceston, Tasmania. This unique brewery has 1,255 followers and a TikTok average view of 280506.

Their posts get an average of 157 engagements and have an engagement rate of 12.51%. If you are looking for delicious beers, wines, and spirits then Du Cane Brewing is worth a follow!

Followers: 1,255

Engagement rate: 12.51%

Avg. engagement: 157

2. Ivars Jฤnis Avens ???? – @ivars

Ivars Jฤnis Avens from Launceston, Australia is a popular beer, wine & spirits influencer with over 1,329 followers on Instagram. He regularly posts content on alcoholic drinks and describes his experience trying new and exciting varieties.

This content has been well-received, with 280506 average views per TikTok and a 7.15% engagement rate for each post on average. If you’re interested in learning more about beer, wine, and spirits, Ivars Jฤnis Avens is an excellent resource.

Followers: 1,329

Engagement rate: 7.15%

Avg. engagement: 95

3. Ocho Beer – @ochobeer

Ocho Beer is an Instagram influencer from Launceston, Australia. With 2,506 followers and an impressive average of 280,506 views per TikTok, Ocho Beer is sure to get your product seen.

On average, their posts have 50 engagements each, giving them an engagement rate of 2.0%, making their content highly popular among their audience. Whether it’s beer, wine, or spirits, Ocho Beer will be sure to draw attention to your brand.

Followers: 2,506

Engagement rate: 2.0%

Avg. engagement: 50

In Summary:

As the days tick by and the celebration of 2023 at Launceston continues, it’s important to remember the influencers that have made the occasion so special. Through their posts and captivating content, these three remarkable beer, wine & spirits Instagram influencers have provided a wealth of knowledge and resources to the global hospitality scene.

Take heart โ€” these influencers have been there to share their passion and expertise, and to remind us all that craft beer, wine & spirits make for memorable experiences with friends, family and beyond. Cheers to you, influencers, for forging such remarkable bonds with the community!