2023 Lindau List of Top 3 Cars & Motorbikes Instagram Influencers

2023 brings a new era of modern transportation to the beautiful lake town of Lindau. For three extraordinary influencers, it’s a dream come true.

From cars to motorbikesโ€”whether it’s an electric Tesla, a cutting-edge motorcycle, or an aerodynamic racecar that runs on biodieselโ€”these trendsetters are breaking boundaries and challenging traditional views of transportation. With an eye for aesthetic and engineering, they’ve taken their posts to the next level, inspiring Instagram followers with remarkable, innovative rides.

Get to know the three Instagram influencers at Lindau in 2023 and find out how they’re stirring up the auto and motorbike world.

Top 3 cars & motorbikes Instagram influencers from Lindau:

1. Jacob Sohler – @jacobsohler

Jacob Sohler is an Instagram influencer from Lindau, Germany who shares amazing content about cars and motorbikes – from luxury vehicles to classic cars and motorcycles. With 1,459 followers, they have an average of 2,11560 views and 560 engagements per post – an impressive 38.38% engagement rate.

With content ranging from short captivating videos to informative posts, they have created a successful platform that is sure to keep growing.

Followers: 1,459

Engagement rate: 38.38%

Avg. engagement: 560

2. Simona – @simona_epunkt

Simona is an Instagram influencer from Lindau, Germany. Her username is simona_epunkt and she has an impressive 2,066 followers. On TikTok, she averages 209,560 views per post, 349 engagements and a 16.89% engagement rate.

She’s gained a large following from her passion for cars and motorbikes, highlighting them with her creative and informative content.

Followers: 2,066

Engagement rate: 16.89%

Avg. engagement: 349

3. THW Ortsverband Lindau – @thwlindau

THW Ortsverband Lindau (@thwlindau) is a popular Instagram influencer from Lindau who specializes in cars and motorbikes. Their TikTok channel boasts 1,344 followers and an impressive average of 211,560 views per video.

On Instagram, THW Ortsverband Lindau’s 237 followers show great engagement with their posts, averaging 237 engagements per post and a 17.63% engagement rate!

Followers: 1,344

Engagement rate: 17.63%

Avg. engagement: 237

End Note:

Overall, the 2023 Lindau International Motor Show was an incredible experience that saw three extraordinary cars and motorbikes take center stage. The Instagram influencers at the event showcased their talents, surpassing all expectations and cementing their exclusive influence in the automotive world.

With such a remarkable experience and noteworthy success, it’s hard to imagine what the future of car and motorbike influencers in the automotive world has in store. Here’s to many more experiences and exceptional success in the years to come!