2023 Mangalore Beauty & Cosmetics Instagram Influencers: Top 3 on the List

It’s been said that beauty is within, but when it comes to staying up to date on the latest trends in beauty and cosmetics, you must go beyond and into the vast world of social media. And Mangalore is no stranger in keeping up! With an ever-increasing population of millennialls with an eye for the latest and greatest in all things beauty and cosmetics, Mangalore is a leading hub for the most influential Instagram influencers for 2023.

But who are the top 3 coveted beauty & cosmetics influencers you must follow for 2023? Read on to find out…

Top 3 beauty & cosmetics Instagram influencers from Mangalore:

1. Vijetha JP – @vijetha_jp

Vijetha JP is a Mangalore-based beauty & cosmetics Instagram influencer, who goes by the username vijetha_jp. With 10,943 followers and an average of 6697 views per TikTok and 308 average engagements per post, their engagements rate is up to 2.81%. They are making waves in the beauty & cosmetics world and their influence is expanding every day.

Followers: 10,943

Engagement rate: 2.81%

Avg. engagement: 308

2. AN Makeup – @ashikanainazmakeup

AN Makeup (@ashikanainazmakeup) is an Instagram influencer from Mangalore, known for creating stunning beauty and cosmetics looks with a creative twist! With over 3,000 followers, they have a respectable reach, coupled with 6697 average views per TikTok, 189 average engagements per post, and a 5.76% engagement rate on posts, making them an ideal partner for any brand and campaigns.

Followers: 3,282

Engagement rate: 5.76%

Avg. engagement: 189

3. Shameena | Eye makeup tutorials – @shameena_mua

Shameena, a beauty & cosmetics Instagram influencer from Mangalore, has taken the social media world by storm! She has 1,840 followers on her account with her username “shameena_mua“, as her TikTok averages over 6,697 views per post, and 96 average engagements per post. But, it’s not just the numbers that make Shameena stand out – her followers love her 5.22% engagement rate, which has helped her reach new heights of success.

Whether you’re looking to master the craft of eye-makeup or just want to stay on trend, Shameena’s account is your go-to source!

Followers: 1,840

Engagement rate: 5.22%

Avg. engagement: 96

Wrap Up:

In closing, it’s clear that Mangalore is brimming with beauty and cosmetics influencers, but the three discussed today are truly exceptional. From their sheer dedication to their creative flair, these inspiring Mangalorean influencers are paving the way for a new era in the beauty industry.

Theyโ€™re sure to have incredible success in 2023, and the possibilities of their continued growth and impact are immense. Here’s to celebrating the power and beauty of these amazing Mangalorean influencers!