2023 Mauthausen: Top 3 Remarkable Fitness & Yoga TikTok Influencers

Welcome to the exciting world of health and fitness influencers! This year, weโ€™d like to introduce the top 3 remarkable fitness and yoga influencers at Mauthausen. Known for their dedication to wellness and health, these individuals have used their powerful presence on TikTok to motivate and invigorate viewers to work towards achieving their fitness goals.

From providing effective fitness and yoga tips to inspiring viewers to challenge themselves, these influencers have gained immense popularity among their followers. So, check out the list of remarkable fitness and yoga influencers you should definitely follow in 2021. You wonโ€™t be disappointed!

Top 3 fitness & yoga TikTok influencers from Mauthausen:

1. h e l e n e f r a n c e s k a – @helenefranceska

Meet h e l e n e f r a n c e s k a, a popular fitness and yoga influencer from Mauthausen! With 4,228 followers and an impressive average of 88,209 views and 6,916 engagements per post, they’ve made quite the name for themselves on TikTok, with an engagement rate of 163.58%. Tune into their videos to stay up to date on the latest workouts and yoga poses!

Followers: 4,228

Engagement rate: 163.58%

Avg. engagement: 6,916

Avg. views: 88,209

2. Mira – @mira.a_s

Meet Mira, a dynamic fitness and yoga TikTok influencer originally from Mauthausen, Austria. She goes by the username @mira.a_s and currently has over 5,300 followers. On average, her videos have around 74,635 views and 6,281 engagements, making her engagement rate well over 100%. She’s content is both inspiring and motivational and sure to ignite a spark in you.

Followers: 5,318

Engagement rate: 118.11%

Avg. engagement: 6,281

Avg. views: 74,635

3. Sebastian – @_skull90

Sebastian (@_skull90) is a fitness and yoga TikTok influencer from Mauthausen. With 22,600 engaged followers and an average of 744839 views per TikTok, Sebastian’s posts have a very engrossing effect.

On average, Sebastian earns 10,612 engagements per post, and boasts an impressive 46.96% engagement rate. With an emerging presence on the platform and insightful content, this TikTok guru is a must-follow!

Followers: 22,600

Engagement rate: 46.96%

Avg. engagement: 10,612

Avg. views: 744,839

Last But Not Least:

The Top 3 TikTok Influencers at Mauthausen have all uplifted the spirit of health and wellness with their innovative and inspiring yoga and fitness content. They have taken the world of Mauthausen, and the world at large, by storm and have been at the forefront of the drive to get people to get up and get moving.

Their fearlessness and enthusiasm for physical activity have been unparalleled and along with their exceptional influence, have brought about a new resolve to embrace fitness, yoga and general wellbeing.