2023: Meet the 4 Biggest Instagram Influencers in Business & Careers in Scranton

The Scranton region is bustling with big business,
A place where new opportunities and career growth abound.
But only a select few stand out as influencers,
Leading the way for others to climb the ladder to success.

Introducing the top four biggest business and career Instagram influencers of Scranton for 2023.
These power brokers know what it takes to break the proverbial glass ceiling and achieve success in the corporate world.

Weโ€™re talking about entrepreneurs, entrepreneurs-on-the-rise, and social media veterans who are creating a measurable impact on their community.
Get ready to explore the stories of these four unstoppable individuals.

Top 4 business & careers Instagram influencers from Scranton:

1. Aspen Wheeler – @tnaspen

Aspen Wheeler from Scranton is an Instagram influencer with a large following of 62,907 followers. Their username is tnaspen and their posts have an average of 23099 views per TikTok and 18,096 engagements per post providing them with an impressive engagement rate of 28.77%. Aspen Wheeler is an authoritative voice in the business & careers field, offering viewers valuable and reliable content.

Followers: 62,907

Engagement rate: 28.77%

Avg. engagement: 18,096

2. Teofilo Dela Cruz Jr – @the_real_cruzader

Teofilo Dela Cruz Jr, known for their handle as the_real_cruzader, is a business and career Instagram influencer who hails from the beautiful city of Scranton. Since starting their account, they’ve quickly grown in popularity, accumulating over 100,990 followers who look to them for the latest information in the business and career space, averaging a 7.34% engagement rate per post.

Teofiloโ€™s impressive TikTok presence and viral content, coupled with their 23099 average views per post have helped them amass an average of 7416 engagements per post.

Followers: 100,990

Engagement rate: 7.34%

Avg. engagement: 7,416

3. Wealth | Business | Motivation – @wealthyjudge

Wealth | Business | Motivation is an Instagram influencer from Scranton with the username wealthyjudge. They have amassed an impressive 4,984 followers, and their posts enjoy an impressive average of 23,099 views per TikTok. With an 82.76% engagement rate, an average of 4,125 engagements can be seen per post.

It is a great place to find inspiration and knowledge to help towards personal and financial success.

Followers: 4,984

Engagement rate: 82.76%

Avg. engagement: 4,125

4. AJ Cassata – @aj_cassata

AJ Cassata is an Instagram and TikTok influencer based in Scranton. With 3,621 followers, AJ has been able to capture a large audience on the platform.

On average, their videos get 23099 views per TikTok, and their posts have an engagement rate of 42.06%. With an average of 1523 engagements per post, AJ’s followers are certainly engaged with their content.

Followers: 3,621

Engagement rate: 42.06%

Avg. engagement: 1,523

In Summary:

To conclude, the top 4 Biggest Business & Careers Instagram Influencers of Scranton for 2023 are remarkable professionals, who have a clear passion for success. They have set the bar high for what it takes to be a successful influencer and consistently deliver value to their growing following.

Thus, for anyone wanting to create a successful business and career on Instagram, each of these influencers is a great role model to follow. Here’s wishing them all the very best on their future endeavors!