2023 Paris Car & Motorbike Instagram Influencers: 3 of the Best

The streets of Paris are buzzing with anticipation: the year 2023 has brought the trend of influencer marketing to a whole new level. With car and motorbike influencers from all over the world gathering in the iconic city of love, competition is fierce.

But who are the top 3 Instagram influencers of the car and motorbike scene in Paris for 2023? We’ve done the hard work for you and found out the answer. Read on to find out which extraordinary individuals are driving the buzz around the City of Light!

Top 3 cars & motorbikes Instagram influencers from Paris:

1. CCCXXVI – @cole.gamlin

CCCXXVI, also known as Cole Gamlin, is an Instagram influencer from Paris. His posts feature cars and motorbikes and garner impressive engagement ratings of 3.62%. With over 2,400 followers, he averages 494590 views per TikTok, and usually receives 90 average engagements per post.

His content is popular among his fans and makes him a rising influencer in the industry.

Followers: 2,488

Engagement rate: 3.62%

Avg. engagement: 90

2. John Watkins – @john_watkins731

John Watkins (@john_watkins731) of Paris is an Instagram influencer specializing in cars and motorbikes. His followers total over thirteen-hundred, while his TikTok videos receive an average of four-hundred ninety-four-thousand views.

The average engagement rate of his posts is a whopping 6.53%, and posts gain an impressive 89 engagements on average.

Followers: 1,363

Engagement rate: 6.53%

Avg. engagement: 89

3. Wengerd Performance – @wengerd_performance

Wengerd Performance is an Instagram influencer from Paris who focuses on cars and motorbikes. With a username of wengerd_performance, this influencer has a relatively small following of 1,242 but also receives an impressive number of views on their TikTok videos with an average of 494,590 views.

Wengerd Performance posts frequently and the average engagement on their posts is 78 engagements, giving them an engagement rate of 6.28%.

Followers: 1,242

Engagement rate: 6.28%

Avg. engagement: 78


The 3 best cars & motorbikes Instagram influencers in Paris for 2023 represent a great snapshot of the vibrant and ever-evolving auto-culture in Paris. All of them have an impressive following, and they continually amaze their followers with visually stunning photos and captivating stories about the cars & motorbikes of the city.

Now, the only thing left for us to do is to follow in their footsteps and enjoy the fascinating journey of Parisian auto-culture. Let’s get moving!