2023 Philadelphia Pet Instagram Influencers: 4 of the Most Influential

It’s only 2023, and a new trend is already taking Philadelphia by storm: Pets as Instagram influencers. Maybe youโ€™ve seen them – theyโ€™re the ones behind the most popular accounts, racking up millions of followers across the city.

Weโ€™ve rounded up the top four pets that are making a real name for themselves right now, so make sure you watch out for these influential four-legged stars! So who have the people of Philadelphia chosen to follow these days? Itโ€™s time to look at our most influential pet Instagram influencers in Philadelphia for the year 2023.

Top 4 pets Instagram influencers from Philadelphia:

1. Charlie – @charlie_the_philly_miracle

Charlie_the_philly_miracle is an incredible pet Instagram influencer, based in Philadelphia and boasting over 16,000 followers. What makes them truly remarkable, though, is the sheer magnitude of their success. With an average of 23,108 views per TikTok and an average of 15,286 engagements per post, their 90.58% engagement rate is remarkable.

If you’re looking for pet Instagram celebrities, it doesn’t get much better than charlie_the_philly_miracle.

Followers: 16,876

Engagement rate: 90.58%

Avg. engagement: 15,286

2. >^.^< - @fer_kittenfoster

Meet >^.^<, an Instagram influencer and pet whisperer from Philadelphia.

This TikTok star has 8,992 loyal followers and an average of 23,108 views per post. Their content is also incredibly engaging, with 8,548 average engagements per post and a 95.06% engagement rate.

From fostered cats and pet rescue stories to endless love for animals, >^.^< will bring your timeline to life. Follow this passionate pet influencer to brighten every day!

Followers: 8,992

Engagement rate: 95.06%

Avg. engagement: 8,548

3. Mango & Soju – @mango.aussie

Mango & Soju is an Aussie pet influencer based in Philadelphia. With 36,364 eager followers on Instagram and over 23,108 average views per TikTok, their posts usually generate an impressive 6,400 average engagements and an even more impressive 17.6% engagement rate.

A definite must-follow for animal-lovers!

Followers: 36,364

Engagement rate: 17.6%

Avg. engagement: 6,400

4. Kiki ? & Hershey ? – @nudgeynudgeyboy

Kiki ? & Hershey ? are a dynamic duo making waves on Instagram! Based out of Philadelphia, they’ve amassed 14,468 faithful followers as they share their day-to-day antics as pets. Their TikTok following is also impressive, with over 23,108 average views per post and an average engagement of 367.

Their posts are often wholesome and heart-warming, and with a engagement rate of 2.54%, they prove to be one of Instagram’s most sought-after influencers.

Followers: 14,468

Engagement rate: 2.54%

Avg. engagement: 367

Finishing Up:

Our 4 pets have certainly made a huge impact on the Philadelphia pet scene and will likely continue to be major influencers in Philadelphia in the coming years. They have captivated the hearts of pet lovers near and far and have been a source of joy and companionship for their friends and families.

They have certainly made the city a brighter place for everyone and are sure to keep the Philadelphia pet scene thriving for decades to come!