2023 Quebec City: Discovering the Top 3 Sports Instagram Influencers

2023 is shaping up to be an incredible year for sports in Quebec City. With the Olympic Games coming to town and the spotlight shining brightly on the city, it’s no surprise that some of the biggest names in sports have taken to Instagram to help spread their message.

But who are the top three sports Instagram influencers in the city? From a-list athletes to industry pioneers, these three stand out among the rest. Read on to find out who they are and why they have captivated the hearts of Quebec City’s sports fans.

Top 3 sports Instagram influencers from Quebec City:

1. Samuel Belanger Dallaire – @samuelbdallaire

Samuel Belanger Dallaire (@samuelbdallaire) is an up-and-coming sports influencer from Quebec City. His posts have been seen an average of 850,724 times on TikTok and his average post has over 7,621 engagements, giving him a very impressive 66.98% engagement rate.

With over 11,378 followers, it’s no wonder he’s become a popular figure in the sports world.

Followers: 11,378

Engagement rate: 66.98%

Avg. engagement: 7,621

2. Olivia Asselin – @olivia.asselin

Olivia Asselin, a sports Instagram influencer from Quebec City, has become a social media powerhouse with over 22,359 followers. Her posts garner an impressive 850,724 views on average per TikTok, and her posts have gained 5,163 engagements. Olivia’s call to action is crystal clear with a 23.09% engagement rate on all of her posts! She’s truly the one to watch!

Followers: 22,359

Engagement rate: 23.09%

Avg. engagement: 5,163

3. Marie-Eve Trottier – @warfest_trailrunner

Marie-Eve Trottier (@warfest_trailrunner) is an Instagram influencer from Quebec City and a renowned trail runner who has amassed an impressive 41,384 followers. Marie-Eve’s posts average 850,724 views per TikTok and a staggering 2,557 engagements per post, with an engagement rate of 6.18%, proving that her content resonates strongly with her audience.

Followers: 41,384

Engagement rate: 6.18%

Avg. engagement: 2,557

All in All:

In 2023, Quebec City sports influencers are gaining valuable recognition for their innovative and unique perspectives. By utilizing their presence on Instagram to capture and represent the passion for sports within Quebec City, these influencers provide an exciting, inspiring and unique way to experience sports.

From content creation and promotion, to inspiring others to pursue their goals and dreams; these three top influencers continue to pave the path for the future of sports in Quebec City and beyond.