2023 Ranking of the Top 3 Maghar Beauty & Cosmetics TikTok Influencers

It’s 2023, and the world of beauty and cosmetics on TikTok has exploded onto the online space, rapidly gaining attention from influencers, followers, and viewers alike. But, if you’re looking for the top 3 influencers from Maghar leading the charge, look no further.

Here, we showcase our most popular beauty and cosmetics influencers from Maghar in 2023 and what makes them so special. Let the countdown begin!

Top 3 beauty & cosmetics TikTok influencers from Maghar:

1. VSCO – @vscomaii

VSCO, an emerging beauty and cosmetics TikTok influencer from Maghar, has gained a sizeable following of 22,600 and an impressive 11.09% engagement rate on the platform. Experience skyrocketing engagement on the account, with 22556 average views per TikTok and an average of 2507 engagements for each post.

With content catering to beauty and fashion trends, VSCO – username vscomaii – is making big waves in the influencer industry.

Followers: 22,600

Engagement rate: 11.09%

Avg. engagement: 2,507

Avg. views: 22,556

2. Aviv Klein – @aviv.klein

Aviv Klein (@aviv.klein), a beauty and cosmetics influencer from Maghar, has become a sensation on TikTok. With 15,400 followers and an unparalleled 211265 average views per post, Aviv’s TikToks are garnering quite the attention.

Furthermore, she averages 4,530 engagements per post and enjoys a 29.42% engagement rate in her posts, making her a professional when it comes to captivating an audience. Aviv Klein is truly a gem on the TikTok platform.

Followers: 15,400

Engagement rate: 29.42%

Avg. engagement: 4,530

Avg. views: 211,265

3. Mona hijazy – @muna_284

Mona Hijazy, an influencer from Maghar, has become a rising star in the beauty & cosmetics industry on TikTok, where sheโ€™s built an impressive following of 16.4k. Her posts are gaining incredible traction and engagement, with an average 195300 views per TikTok and 6.908 average engagements per post.

Moreover, Monaโ€™s posts boast a staggering 42.12% engagement rate. With her brilliance and commitment, it is no wonder Monaโ€™s user name, muna_284, is becoming increasingly popular!

Followers: 16,400

Engagement rate: 42.12%

Avg. engagement: 6,908

Avg. views: 195,300

In Summary:

We’ve seen how Cosmetics and Beauty influencers have taken over TikTok with huge success in 2023 and how the trends have continued in 2021, but what about 2023? Maghar’s three biggest Beauty and Cosmetics TikTok influencers are paving the way for the industry to come. From luxury to more affordable options, these influencers have created a platform for the beauty and cosmetics industry to spread its wings and soar.

With plenty of creative content and an audience that loves it, these 3 beauty and cosmetics influencers are certainly paving the way to make 2023 a year that marks the sector of beauty influencers in Maghar.