2023 Shopping & Retail Influencers in Coleraine: A Must-Know Top 3 List

Hands down, unbelievable yet true – the top 3 shopping and retail influencers in Coleraine for 2023 have just been revealed! Unfathomable? Yes. Inconceivable? Absolutely! For those who might think it’s impossible for a small town of Coleraine to ascend to such heights of popularity, think again! Prepare to be stunned as we take you on a journey to find out who these famous faces are and how their influence impacts the shopping and retail scene in Coleraine!

Top 3 shopping & retail Instagram influencers from Coleraine:

1. Shona – @dunroaminagain

Shona, a shopping & retail Instagram influencer from Coleraine, has been gaining attention online due to a large and engaged following. With the username @dunroaminagain, Shona has amassed over 9,125 followers and impressive engagement rates of 2.93% on her posts.

Furthermore, her videos garner around 1 million views and nearly 300 engagements each. With her growing visibility on Instagram, she is a go-to influencer in the shopping and retail space.

Followers: 9,125

Engagement rate: 2.93%

Avg. engagement: 267

2. Alison Campbell – @passionsandpreening

Alison Campbell is a fashionista, shopping and retail Instagram influencer based in Coleraine. Promoting life and style through her passionsandpreening profile, she has gained 6,901 followers and achieved an impressive 1149369 average views per video.

Alison’s posts also have a high average engagement of 164 and an engagement rate of 2.38%. She is a go-to-source for fashion and lifestyle inspiration.

Followers: 6,901

Engagement rate: 2.38%

Avg. engagement: 164

3. ?? Tori ?? – @kitschykitten

Meet Tori, the popular shopping and retail Instagram influencer from Coleraine! With 1137 followers and over 1,149,369 average views per video, she is sure to get people talking. Her average engagement rate – 2.46% – makes her an ideal ambassador for any retail brand.

She knows how to capture her audience’s attention. Explore the world of shopping and retail with the kitschykitten – Tori!

Followers: 1,137

Engagement rate: 2.46%

Avg. engagement: 28

Final Thoughts:

The shopping landscape of Coleraine has surely changed over the last few years and isn’t likely to change anytime soon. With the three phenomenal Instagram influencers at the helm, what we can predict is that stylish shopping is the way of the future.

It will be exciting to see what these trendsetters do in the years to come, especially in the 2023 Coleraine shopping and retail scene. After all, it’s their influence and creativity that will shape it.

Until then, be sure to stay posted on their accounts for more incredible fashion inspiration. Adios!