2023: TikTok Influencers to Watch in Travel, Tourism, & Aviation from Plungė

2023 has been an exciting year for the exciting social media platform, TikTok. Over the last year, three top influencers from the small city of Plungė have emerged as some of the most popular creative content producers on the rapidly-growing platform, capturing the hearts of millions of viewers from around the world.

From luxury vacation hubs to international travel settings and aviation technology breakthroughs, these powerful Plungė TikTok influencers have become worldwide stars – and we can’t get enough of them! Let’s delve into the stories these trailblazers have to share about what it’s like being a travel, tourism & aviation TikTok influencer in 2021.

Top 3 travel, tourism & aviation TikTok influencers from Plungė:

1. Meda Lukrecija | Lifestyle – @medalukrecija

Meda Lukrecija is a travel, tourism & aviation influencer on TikTok from Plungė who shares their adventures through life and work. As of today, they have 1,963 Followers and an average of 44531 views per TikTok.

On average, posts from Meda receive an impressive 5,663 engagements and boast a 288.49% engagement rate that keeps their audience engaged and entertained. Follow Meda for travel, lifestyle, and aviation inspiration!

Followers: 1,963

Engagement rate: 288.49%

Avg. engagement: 5,663

Avg. views: 44,531

2. Svarbeuse Dariti – @svarbeusedariti

Svarbeuse Dariti, an enthusiastic travel, tourism & aviation TikTok influencer from Plungė, is making waves on the platform. Their username svarbeusedariti has earned them an impressive 63,700 followers, and their posts average 51380 views and 3,221 engagements per post with an average engagement rate of 5.06%. Whether the TikTok is about their travels, the beauty of Lithuanian airports and views, Dariti never fails to amaze their viewers.

Followers: 63,700

Engagement rate: 5.06%

Avg. engagement: 3,221

Avg. views: 51,380

3. ieva – @laumeieva

Ieva, a TikTok influencer based in Plungė, Lithuania, has created an impressive following of 74,400 followers with her posts about travel, tourism and aviation. Her engaging posts have an average per-post engagement rate of 4.87%, along with 33,173 average views and 3,624 average engagements. Don’t miss a day of her exciting travel adventures by following her on TikTok under the username @laumeieva!

Followers: 74,400

Engagement rate: 4.87%

Avg. engagement: 3,624

Avg. views: 33,173


We’ve come a long way since 2023! What was once considered unimaginable has become a reality. Plungė’s 3 phenomenal TikTok stars have gamed the system and captured the hearts of millions of travel, tourism and aviation enthusiasts around the globe! Truly incredible! We can only imagine what the next decade has in store for the industry—it’s sure to be nothing short of extraordinary!