2023: Top 3 Fitness & Yoga Instagram Influencers in the Kranj City Municipality

The Kranj City Municipality is the meeting place of some of the most inspiring & influential fitness & yoga Instagram influencers of 2023! This blog post dives into the inspiring stories of just three of them; each having their own unique journeys and methods of encouraging others to get fit and join their virtual yoga classes. Discover their passions and be inspired to join their growing fitness community!

Top 3 fitness & yoga Instagram influencers from Kranj City Municipality:

1. Miha Pušavec / LoGYM – @mihapusavec_logym

The Kranj City Municipality-based fitness & yoga Instagram influencer, Miha Pušavec, better known as LoGYM, is an inspiration to Instagram users across the world. With nearly 4,000 followers and an average engagement rate of 47.03%, per post reaches an average of 1,756 engagements–a testament to the positive and uplifting message LoGYM conveys.

Join the movement–follow LoGYM on Instagram to get inspired and motivated to reach your health & fitness goals. @mihapusavec_logym

Followers: 3,734

Engagement rate: 47.03%

Avg. engagement: 1,756

2. Osebno trenerstvo David Žibert – @davidzibert

David Žibert is an inspiring fitness and yoga Instagram influencer from Kranj City Municipality. With an impressive 11,828 followers, David Žibert, or @davidzibert, has an enviable 3.67% post engagement rate and an average of 434 engagements per post.

His captivating content and inspiring messages have made him a success in the fitness sphere, and he is sure to keep inspiring individuals for years to come.

Followers: 11,828

Engagement rate: 3.67%

Avg. engagement: 434

3. Slovenian Pole Artist – @mancastritof

Slovenian Pole Artist (mancastritof) is an inspiring fitness & yoga Instagram influencer from Kranj City Municipality. With 2,875 followers and an impressive 8.21% engagement rate in their posts, they have managed to captivate an average of 236 engagements per post.

They continue to motivate and inspire their followers with their posts.

Followers: 2,875

Engagement rate: 8.21%

Avg. engagement: 236

Finishing Up:

As we see, Kranj City Municipality is fast becoming a hub for health and wellness influencers. With the 3 great influencers discussed, we can only expect more athletes, fitness professionals, and yogis to soon become icons of this city.

With the huge potential of this growing population and the unique features of this city, the health culture is set to flourish. Here’s to good health and the ever-growing list of strong, dedicated professionals in Kranj City Municipality!