2023 Top 3 Sports Instagram Influencers from Vinaròs to Follow

Even in this age of digital innovation, one thing stands out – the power of sport. Whether it’s for entertainment or fitness, sports have been an integral part of our culture for centuries.

With so much content out there, however, it can be difficult to find the best of the best. That’s why we’ve put together this list of our three favorite sports Instagram influencers from Vinaròs for 2023.

These three individuals have mastered the art of connecting with their followers and sharing their passions with the world. Get ready to be inspired!

Top 3 sports Instagram influencers from Vinaròs:

1. Jean Pierre Diaz Mingo – @jeanpidron

Jean Pierre Diaz Mingo, a popular sports-related Instagram influencer from Vinaròs, Spain, has the username jeanpidron and is followed by over 10,000 people. His prestigious social media influence has been reflected in his TikTok stats, averaging over 58,000 views for every post.

Even more impressive, his posts have seen an average of 254 engagements per post, giving him a 2.39% engagement rate overall. Jean Pierre’s solid Social Media presence and viewership continues to grow every day.

Followers: 10,622

Engagement rate: 2.39%

Avg. engagement: 254

2. GUILLEM SEGURA – @segura.guillem

GUILLEM SEGURA is a sports Instagram influencer from Vinaròs, Spain. His username is segura.guillem, and he has 1,550 followers on Instagram.

He’s also active on TikTok, with an average of 58,313 views per video, and his Instagram posts attract 201 average engagements, giving him a 12.97% engagement rate. He’s an excellent source of inspiration for those looking to explore the world of sports.

Followers: 1,550

Engagement rate: 12.97%

Avg. engagement: 201

3. Club triatló Vinaròs – @club_triatlo_vinaros

Club triatló Vinaròs is a popular sports Instagram influencer from Vinaròs, Spain, with 1,149 followers and an average of 58,313 views per TikTok post. Both engagement rate and average engagements of the influencer are strong and reliable, standing at 7.4% and 85 engagements, respectively.

They are a must-follow influencer for anyone interested in sports and fitness, and post regularly on their exciting activities and challenges.

Followers: 1,149

Engagement rate: 7.4%

Avg. engagement: 85

Final Thoughts:

We’ve had an amazing time learning about these three inspiring and gifted sports Instagram influencers from Vinaròs! From their inspiring stories to innovative ideas, we’ll definitely be celebrating their successes for years to come. Let’s keep our eyes open for their upcoming projects and collaborations, and cheer them on to even greater heights in 2023! Here’s to creating a brighter future for everyone, no matter the size of their dreams!