2023 Top Governador Valadares Influencers in Cars & Motorbikes: Our 3 Renowned Instagrammers

It’s 2023, and Governador Valadares has become known around the world for their cars and motorbikes influencers. Three of the most renowned names on Instagram, in the automotive domain, are from Governador Valadares: Flying Flylo, RevivalRider, and Drifting Dera.

In this blog post, we’ll be discovering more about each of these inspiring personalities and what makes them such wildly popular influencers. Buckle up and let’s get started!

Top 3 cars & motorbikes Instagram influencers from Governador Valadares:

1. PH_SANTTOSS_244 – @ph__reserva

Meet PH_SANTTOSS_244 – the cars & motorbikes Instagram influencer from Governador Valadares. This popular content creator has an impressive following of 59,462 followers, a high average post engagement rate of 15.68%, and their TikTok videos garner an average of 168,491 views with an average of 9,322 engagements. Get ready to check out a variety of content ranging from automotive adventures to awesome off-road experiences, all delivered in a lively and action-packed format.

Followers: 59,462

Engagement rate: 15.68%

Avg. engagement: 9,322

2. zidane motovlogโœŒ? – @zidane_motovlog

Zidane Motovlog (@zidane_motovlog), the car and motorbike enthusiast based in Governador Valadares, Brazil, has gained a substantial following of 40,752 Instagram followers. His TikTok videos average 168,491 views, while posts on his Instagram page reach a healthy 6,609 engagements. With an impressive engagement rate of 16.22%, he’s been able to make a name for himself as a prolific influencer in the automotive community.

Followers: 40,752

Engagement rate: 16.22%

Avg. engagement: 6,609

3. Jirios Abboud – @jiriosabboud

Meet Jirios Abboud from Governador Valadares! He’s an Instagram influencer that’s gained a substantial following as a true car and motorbike enthusiast. Already at over 74.

5k followers, Jirios regularly wows viewers on TikTok with just under 17k average views per post. In addition to high viewership, followers have an impressive average engagement rate of 6.99% on over 5k average engagements per post.

If you’re a fan of cars and motorbikes, Jirios is definitely worth a follow!

Followers: 74,569

Engagement rate: 6.99%

Avg. engagement: 5,216


It has been an incredible journey following the strides of the Governador Valadares’ renowned Instagram influencers and their incredible cars & motorbikes. From the imaginative, free-spirited motorbikes to the stylish, sleek cars, these influencers have certainly made a mark on the Insta sphere throughout the years.

There’s no doubt that Governador Valadares is a hub for modern, trending automobiles and talented, inspiring drivers. As technology continues to evolve, we look forward to what new inspiring vehicles and influencers await us in the future!