2023 Top Instagram Influencers from Zakopane for Friends, Family, & Relationships

2023 is just around the corner and with it, a world full of opportunities for Instagram Influencers. We have compiled a list of the 3 best friends, family and relationship Instagram Influencers in Zakopane for 2023 who will create engaging, meaningful and organic content for your platforms.

These influencers are high quality creators, provide unique perspectives and insights, and are full of motivation and passion when it comes to Instagram. Prepare yourself to be inspired as we introduce you to Our 3 Best Friends, Family & Relationships Instagram Influencers of Zakopane for 2023!

Top 3 friends, family & relationships Instagram influencers from Zakopane:

1. Kuba – @kuba_galica

Kuba Galica (@kuba_galica) is an Instagram influencer from Zakopane, Poland, with over 104,333 followers and an average of 115,567 views per TikTok. They have an average of 7,333 engagements per post and a 7.03% engagement rate in their posts – showing that they can offer followers an engaging and interesting content.

From family and relationship advice to educational and fun posts, Kuba is sure to provide something for everyone!

Followers: 104,333

Engagement rate: 7.03%

Avg. engagement: 7,333

2. Andrzej Stękała – @andrzejstekala

Andrzej Stękała is a popular Instagram influencer from Zakopane, Poland with 66,746 followers. His posts normally attract 115,567 views on TikTok and 3,467 engagements per post. His impressive popularity is also reflected in his engagement rate, which is a high 5.19%. Posts mainly focus on topics such as friends, family, and relationships.

Followers: 66,746

Engagement rate: 5.19%

Avg. engagement: 3,467

3. Sყʅɯια Lҽʅιƚσ-Zαɯιśʅαƙ – @polskiminimalizm.pl

Sყʅɯια Lҽʅιƚσ-Zαɯιśʅαƙ is an Instagram influencer from Zakopane, Poland, with the username polskiminimalizm.pl Her posts focus on friends, family, and relationships, and her influence is growing steadily with over 20,802 followers. Her content consistently generates a high engagement rate of 13.64%, and an average of 115567 views and 2,837 engagements per post on TikTok.

Followers: 20,802

Engagement rate: 13.64%

Avg. engagement: 2,837

Closing Remarks:

I hope this post has provided you with a greater appreciation of the incredible Instagram influencers of Zakopane for 2023. It’s always uplifting to be part of a support system that encourages healthy relationships with family and friends.

When we’re surrounded by people who understand our values and beliefs, we can move forward with confidence. As we strive to strengthen our relationships and make the most of the great life we have, let our 3 best friends, family & relationships Instagram influencers of Zakopane for 2023 continue to inspire us.