2023 Travel, Tourism & Aviation Instagram Influencers Guide: The Top 3 from Alytus

Alytus, a delightful destination for travelers and tourists alike, have seen the rise of some of the most influential names in the travel, tourism and aviation industries โ€“ Instagram influencers. From promoting stunning locations throughout Alytus to highlighting up-and-coming aerial activities, theyโ€™ve influenced the way people explore the area, and their follower counts have skyrocketed throughout the last few years.

Hereโ€™s a look at the top 3 Instagram influencers that have been paving the way in Alytus travel, tourism and aviation this year. Letโ€™s get right into it!

Top 3 travel, tourism & aviation Instagram influencers from Alytus:

1. Nerijus Cesiulis – @nerijuscesiulis

Nerijus Cesiulis, an Instagram influencer from Alytus, Lithuania, has a strong following in the travel, tourism, and aviation community. With a username of nerijuscesiulis, Nerijus has over 22,000 followers on Instagram, and his TikTok videos regularly earn an average of 27,000 views each.

His posts regularly attract upwards of 700 engagements with an impressive 3.24% engagement rate. With his engaging content, Nerijus is quickly becoming a leader in travel, tourism, and aviation influencer marketing.

Followers: 22,348

Engagement rate: 3.24%

Avg. engagement: 723

2. Eve – @evukee

Introducing Eve, a well-known travel, tourism, and aviation influencer from Alytus, Lithuania, who goes by the username evukee on Instagram. She currently has 1,268 followers and receives an average of 27,992 views per TikTok post and 104 engagements per post, for a solid 8.2% engagement rate. Eve is a reliable source for the latest news in the travel, tourism, and aviation industry and offers inspiring travel content.

Followers: 1,268

Engagement rate: 8.2%

Avg. engagement: 104

3. Alytaus miesto savivaldybฤ— – @alytus_myliu

Alytaus miesto savivaldybฤ— is an Instagram influencer from Alytus, Lithuania. With a username of โ€˜alytus_myliuโ€™, they boast 2,650 followers across their social channels.

Their content primarily focuses on travel, tourism, and aviation, and their average post engagement rates 3.81%. They also have an impressive 27,992 average views on their TikTok posts, and 101 average post engagements.

Followers: 2,650

Engagement rate: 3.81%

Avg. engagement: 101

Finishing Up:

2023 has certainly been a year dramatic change for Alytus, with the rise of many creative, influential travel bloggers and Instagrammers. We’ve seen the likes of Alina, Jurgita, and Vaida inspiring us all to explore the most captivating destinations our city has to offer.

They have truly set a new standard for Alytus’ travel and tourism industry. As they continue to rake in likes and followers, we are forever grateful to see that Alytus is truly at the forefront of the global travel and tourism movement.

Thank you, Alina, Jurgita, and Vaida, for paving the way to make Alytus one of the most sought-after travel destinations of the future!