2023 Unnao’s Top 3 Art & Design Influencers on Instagram

Hey everyone! Weโ€™re back with a bang! Our team had the awesome opportunity to introduce you to 3 of the most popular art & design Instagram influencers in Unnao of 2023. From their amazing style of self-expression to their unique visual stories, this trio of talented influencers are sure to leave you in absolute awe.

Soread on to get to know all about them!

Top 3 art & design Instagram influencers from Unnao:

1. Himangi Rajvansh – @capture_crew_000

Himangi Rajvansh is a popular art & design influencer from Unnao with an Instagram username of capture_crew_000. They currently have 1,436 Followers, and their posts have an average engagement rate of 14.69%, and each post averages 211 engagements. Whether you’re looking for creativity, inspiration, tips, or tutorials, Himangi has what you need.

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Followers: 1,436

Engagement rate: 14.69%

Avg. engagement: 211

2. KOMAL KUSHWAHA – @life_on_colourful_canvas

Meet Komal Kushwaha, an Instagram influencer from Unnao making waves with her art & design! With the username life_on_colourful_canvas, Komal has amassed 1,268 followers and a stunning 3.63% engagement rate per post! That translates to an average of 46 engagements per post – an impressive feat for any influencer! Whether you’re a fan of art and design, or just curious to find out more about Instagram influencers, Komal’s sure to be an inspiration!

Followers: 1,268

Engagement rate: 3.63%

Avg. engagement: 46

3. Mohit Rathore bboy – @mohitrathore_talent__boy

Mohit Rathore bboy is an Unnao-based art & design Instagram influencer. With the username mohitrathore_talent__boy, they have garnered 1,052 followers. On average, they receive 33 engagements per post, achieving an engagement rate of 3.14%. Follow Mohit Rathore bboy to stay updated on their innovative art and design creations.

Followers: 1,052

Engagement rate: 3.14%

Avg. engagement: 33


That’s a wrap! We hope you got some valuable insights on the top 3 art & design influencers in Unnao of 2023. We can’t wait to see what they will come up with in the upcoming years.

Keep your eyes on these savvy and creative minds, they are sure to bring some exciting new ideas to the table. It’s true: the art & design world is ever-evolving and there’s always something new to discover.

Until then, stay inspired and let us know your thoughts in the comments section!