2023’s 3 Top Wedding Instagram Influencers from Groningen

Are you in the midst of planning a dream wedding for the upcoming year? Look no further! We have compiled a list of the best wedding-related Instagram influencers in Groningen for 2023, who can help you with your big day! With years of wedding experience and unique content tailored to the area, these three trending influencers are sure to give you plenty of inspiration and advice. Whether you’re searching for local floral design ideas, reception venues, or just want to get a glimpse into Groningen’s wedding industry, these influencers are your go-to source!

Top 3 wedding Instagram influencers from Groningen:

1. Hans Zijlstra – @hanszijlstra

Hans Zijlstra, a popular wedding Instagram influencer based in Groningen, Netherlands, commands a strong social media presence with over 6,000 followers on his Instagram page @hanszijlstra. His content captivates viewers, generating an average of 131 engagements per post and an engagement rate of 2.1%. His TikToks attract an impressive 137021 average views with high levels of user engagement. Followers can expect an array of well-crafted videos featuring his award-winning wedding photography as well as glimpses into his work.

Followers: 6,248

Engagement rate: 2.1%

Avg. engagement: 131

2. De Grote Dag Bruidsfotografie – @degrotedag

De Grote Dag Bruidsfotografie, the wedding Instagram influencer from Groningen with the username degrotedag, is a great example of how a small influencer can grow their audience and engagement. With an impressive 3,157 followers, an average of 137021 views per TikTok video and 97 average engagements per post, De Grote Dag has an engagement rate of 3.07% – a remarkably high rate. Follow De Grote Dag Bruidsfotografie for wedding tips, beautiful photos, and more!

Followers: 3,157

Engagement rate: 3.07%

Avg. engagement: 97

3. Minke Kroeze Fotografie – @minkekroezephotography

Minke Kroeze Fotografie from Groningen is an Instagram influencer specializing in weddings, boasting 1,492 followers. Their impressive reach extends to TikTok too, with an average of 137,021 views per post, as well as an average engagement rate of 4.76%. 71 engagements per post is testament to the great content they produce and engage with.

Followers: 1,492

Engagement rate: 4.76%

Avg. engagement: 71

End Note:

Whether you are looking for ideas for a wedding on the horizon, or just looking to get inspired with beautiful photos, these top wedding Instagram influencers of Groningen will certainly offer some stunning visual appeal. From the classic elegance of Olga’s photos to the unique art of Gwendolyn’s, and Zara’s offbeat modern-style, there is something truly magical in the photos presented on each of their Instagram profiles.

With 2021 and 2023 weddings on the verge of becoming a reality, refreshing and modern engagement or wedding photography ideas will surely be found among some of these amazing creators.

Happy planning and happy Instagramming!