2023’s Kolhapur’s Top 3 Art & Design Influencers on Instagram

In a world of rising art and design, Kolhapur is laying the foundation for something truly special when it comes to building a global impact. With some of the best art and design Instagram influencers spreading their craft all over the world, we take a look at the next wave of talent hailing from the cityโ€™s art and design scene.

Here are three of the best Instagram influencers from Kolhapur who are taking the industry by storm. From entrepreneurs, to creatives, to content creators โ€“ letโ€™s take a closer look at the top 3 art & design Instagram influencers from Kolhapur in 2023.

Top 3 art & design Instagram influencers from Kolhapur:

1. Sanjay Shelar – @sanjay_shelar_artist

Sanjay Shelar is an art and design influencer based in Kolhapur. With the username sanjay_shelar_artist, he has 1,978 Instagram followers, 51723 average views on TikTok, and 526 average engagements per post.

His posts also boast a very impressive 26.59% engagement rate. He continues to produce innovative and inspiring art, inspiring others to use colour and design in their lives.

Followers: 1,978

Engagement rate: 26.59%

Avg. engagement: 526

2. Dipak Patil – @dipak_patil_3522

Dipak Patil (@dipak_patil_3522) is an art & design Instagram influencer from Kolhapur who has amassed 4.4K followers. His drawings, hand-lettering and creations captivate viewers with their energy and creativity.

On TikTok, Dipak’s posts average over 51K views, with an engagement rate of 10.04%. He consistently provides his audiences with high-quality artwork and design.

Followers: 4,414

Engagement rate: 10.04%

Avg. engagement: 443

3. EUPHORIA DANCE STUDIO – @euphoriadance09

Euphoria Dance Studio is an art & design Instagram influencer from Kolhapur. With an impressive reach of 1,203 followers and an average of 51723 views per TikTok, 361 engagements per post, and an impressive rate of 30.01%, Euphoria Dance Studio is an Instagram influencer to be reckoned with.

Their stunning art & design posts have made them a hit among their followers, while their infectious energy and high engagement rate are sure to draw in new fans.

Followers: 1,203

Engagement rate: 30.01%

Avg. engagement: 361


What a tour it has been! From the quirky cartoon illustrations by Anghad, the hazy and abstract sculptures of Minaz to the evergreen oil stick paintings of Rigel. Kolhapur was definitely a city of art in 2023 enriched by these three talent influencers.

They have shown us that creative expression has no boundary as long as it resonates within. Anghad, Minaz, and Rigel have set a shining example of tracing your own style to the world and making a mark.

We hope their inspiring efforts continue. They have opened a new door to leverage the digital world of inspiration and creativity!