2023’s Most Memorable Home Decor, Furniture, & Garden Instagram Influencers in Kiel

Welcome to our blog post discussing the top 3 memorable home decor, furniture, and garden Instagram influencers in Kiel in 2023! With the ever-evolving landscape of interior design and home decor, it can be difficult to stay ahead of the curve. All across the world, many Instagram influencers have become go-to sources and trend-setters for consumers looking for the stylish and chic touches that defined the ’20s.

Kiel, Germany is no exception โ€“ and in this article, we will showcase some of the most prolific Instagram influencers making waves in the home decor, furniture, and garden space. Ready to get inspired? Read on!

Top 3 home decor, furniture & garden Instagram influencers from Kiel:

1. ragna – @nordic.spirits

Ragna, a home decor, furniture and outdoor living influencer from Kiel, Germany, operates under the Instagram username nordic.spirits. With 7,982 followers, Ragna’s TikTok videos average 5,951 views and their posts on Instagram draw an average of 609 engagements. The influencer displays a high engagement rate of 7.63% with their content. Ragna stands out in their field with a beautiful and unique style that continues to inspire others.

Followers: 7,982

Engagement rate: 7.63%

Avg. engagement: 609

2. Carina – @just_cary_on

Carina from Kiel, Germany has become an Instagram influencer in the home decor, furniture, and garden markets with her username “just_cary_on“. She has accumulated 2,638 followers and her posts have gained an average of 5,951 views per TikTok and an impressive 10.2% engagement rate with 269 engagements on average per post. She is gaining increasing fame in the markets she has chosen to specialize in.

Followers: 2,638

Engagement rate: 10.2%

Avg. engagement: 269

3. Quartier172 – @quartier172

Quartier172 is an Instagram influencer from Kiel who has an impressive 6,126 followers and 5,951 average views per TikTok. With nearly 200 engagements per post and an incredible 3.26% engagement rate, Quartier172 is the perfect choice for promoting your products concerning home dรฉcor, furniture and garden.

Followers: 6,126

Engagement rate: 3.26%

Avg. engagement: 200

In a Nutshell:

If you’re looking for memorable home decor, furniture & garden Instagram influencers to follow in 2023 – Kiel-based influencers are definitely the way to go! From stylish living room designs to dreamy outdoor gardens