2023’s Most Popular Fitness & Yoga Instagram Influencers in Lichfield: A List of 3 Favorites

The fitness and yoga influencer scene of 2023 has an abundance of talented and inspiring people to follow. In the bustling city of Lichfield, the variety of influencers is vast and exciting.

From the experienced power lifters of the city to the passionate yogis, there are many inspiring people to watch. Here are my top 3 favourite fitness and yoga Instagram influencers in Lichfield of 2023: they will motivate you to get moving, whether itโ€™s through exercise, meditation or a combination of both!

Top 3 fitness & yoga Instagram influencers from Lichfield:

1. ALEXANDRA ?? – @shelovesthetrail

Alexandra from Lichfield is an inspiring fitness and yoga Instagram influencer with an impressive following of 14,873. A prolific creator, she averages 51723 views on TikTok and 428 engagements per post, giving her a highly engaging 2.88% engagement rate.

Not only is she a source of motivation and knowledge, Alexandra enjoys the great outdoors too, making her the perfect influencer to follow.

Followers: 14,873

Engagement rate: 2.88%

Avg. engagement: 428

2. Jon Aldridge|Compound Fitness – @compoundjon

Jon Aldridge from Lichfield, also known as CompoundJon on Instagram and TikTok, is an exemplary fitness & yoga influencer. With an impressive engagement rate of 5.03%, Jon has amassed an audience of 2,108 followers and boasts an average of 51723 views per TikTok post and 106 average engagements per post! He is an unrivaled source of inspiration to his fans and aspiring influencers alike.

Followers: 2,108

Engagement rate: 5.03%

Avg. engagement: 106

3. Maria Dineen – @mariasyogauk

Maria Dineen, an Instagram influencer based in Lichfield, is the go-to source of inspiration for health and wellness aficionados. With a user name of mariasyogauk, Maria has amassed an impressive following of 2,890 followers. Her impactful TikToks have earned her an average of 51,723 views.

Considering her average of 99 engagements per post, Maria boasts a 3.43% engagement rate-a true testament to her success. For those seeking tips and guidance on staying fit through yoga, Maria is the one to follow.

Followers: 2,890

Engagement rate: 3.43%

Avg. engagement: 99

Final Thoughts:

2023 promises to be an interesting year for Lichfield’s fitness & yoga community. With the top three influencers stated, the city is sure to see a surge of interest and activity in the field of both fitness and yoga.

But with so many new and seasoned voices joining the conversation from Lichfield, who knows what could be in store for its residents in the coming year? It is an exciting time for Lichfield, and we can’t wait to see what lies in store for its fitness & yoga scene as its influencers continue to share their stories and experiences!