2023’s Popular Beer, Wine & Spirits Instagram Influencers from Bodzianske Lúky: Our Top 3 Picks

Welcome to the new year! Now is the time to flock to the trend of craft beer, wine, and spirit Instagram influencers that are emerging from all corners of the world. But, have you heard of the ones coming from Bodzianske Lúky? As the market of craft alcohol is booming, so does the list of influencers that are helping promote it, and the ones from Bodzianske Lúky are not ones to be missed.

Today, we’re breaking down our three favorite Instagram influencers so you can stay ahead of the game and add them to your follow list for 2023. Let’s dive in!

Top 3 beer, wine & spirits Instagram influencers from Bodzianske Lúky:

1. Valentina Kasper Rosputinska 紫苑 – @citronovydrops

Valentina Kasper Rosputinska 紫苑 is an Instagram influencer from Bodzianske Lúky whose username is citronovydrops. She has a large following of 6,854 fans on Instagram who love her enthusiasm and enthusiasm for beer, wine and spirits. Her TikTok account averages 54567 views per post and receives 334 average engagements. Her Instagram posts rack up an impressive engagement rate of 4.87%. She shares her what her favorite flavors and drinks are, alongside discussing the various processes and techniques behind them.

So whether you are an expert or just getting started, you can learn something from Valentina!

Followers: 6,854

Engagement rate: 4.87%

Avg. engagement: 334

2. Marcina Peter – @peter_marcina12

Marcina Peter (@peter_marcina12) is an influencer and creator based in Bodzianske Lúky, known for her beer, wine, and spirits posts. She has a strong following of 2,045 followers and amazing engagement rate of 10.81%. Her TikTok videos get an average of 54567 views and 221 average engagements per post.

She’s definitely someone you want to keep an eye out for!

Followers: 2,045

Engagement rate: 10.81%

Avg. engagement: 221

3. Nadja & Andrej – @nabosovino

Nadja & Andrej (@nabosovino) are a popular beer, wine & spirits Instagram influencer from Bodzianske Lúky. Through their posts, they have gained 3,296 followers, averaging 54567 views per TikTok and 155 average engagements per post, resulting in a 4.7% engagement rate.

Nadja & Andrej’s content is sure to impress any wine and spirits fan!

Followers: 3,296

Engagement rate: 4.7%

Avg. engagement: 155

In Summary:

We hope you’ve enjoyed taking a look at our top 3 choices for Beer, Wine & Spirits influencers in Bodzianske Lúky for 2023. From showcasing the rich, unique beer culture in the region, to helping discover the best wineries and distilleries, these social media creators are helping to shape the industry in Bodzianske Lúky, and beyond.

From finding the right ingredients, to true flavors and the right glassware; beer, wine, and spirits influencers are inspiring a generation of enthusiasts and coming up with their own creative content. Keep up to date with their accounts, and you won’t be disappointed! Cheers!