2023’s Top 10 Camera & Photography Influencers from Cologne

Welcome to the mesmerizing world of photography and camera technology of 2023! From the culture-filled streets of Cologne, Germany, come 10 extraordinary influencers who are at the forefront of this inspiring creative medium. From creative powerhouses pushing the boundaries of photo-based storytelling to innovative minds impacting the way product photography is being seen, these remarkable Instagrammers have already left their marks in the ever-changing realm of camera and photography.

From intricate images to rare footage, these influencers are sure to bring a bit of magic and joy to your feed!

Top 10 camera & photography Instagram influencers from Cologne:

1. Travel & Love|Vanessa&Anthony – @crastulo_

Travel & Love|Vanessa&Anthony (crastulo_) is a photography and camera Instagram influencer from Cologne with a staggering 19,220 followers! Going further, Vanessa&Anthony’s TikTok videos maintain an impressive average of 137,021 views. What’s more, their Instagram posts typically garner 104,212 average engagements and an astonishing 542.21% engagement rate.

No doubt, this magnificently talented pair are true influencers worth following.

Followers: 19,220

Engagement rate: 542.21%

Avg. engagement: 104,212

2. Lia – @passimitrou

Lia is a highly successful camera and photography influencer from Cologne with a rapidly growing TikTok following. On the platform she has amassed over 207,000 followers, with an average of 137,021 views per post.

Her instagram content has a staggering 89,233 average engagements per post and a 43.1% engagement rate – demonstrating significant reach and impact. If you’re looking to connect with the camera and photography influencer community, she is definitely someone to follow!

Followers: 207,052

Engagement rate: 43.1%

Avg. engagement: 89,233

3. DJ Isek – @isek___

DJ Isek, an up-and-coming Instagram influencer from Cologne, is making waves in the digital photography world. With a staggering 226,789 followers, 147021 average views and 74,554 average engagements per post, Isek’s content is truly captivating.

Their 32.87% engagement rate proves they can squeeze the most out of every post they make and they’re quickly becoming a go-to source of inspiration and technical advice for budding photographers. Go show DJ Isek some love โ€“ @isek___!

Followers: 226,789

Engagement rate: 32.87%

Avg. engagement: 74,554

4. Stefano Zarrella – @stefanozarrella

Stefano Zarrella is a Cologne-based camera & photography Instagram influencer with an enthusiastic following of 1.46M followers. On TikTok, he has over 130K average views per post.

His followers are highly engaged, with an average of 66K engagements and a 4.54% engagement rate for each post. Stefano offers valuable tips on photography, cameras and how to make the most of Instagram for photographers.

His content provides viewers with an insider look into his life, travels and culture.

Followers: 1,463,511

Engagement rate: 4.54%

Avg. engagement: 66,472

5. GILLIAN.EAST โ€ข TATTOO – @gillian.east

GILLIAN.EASTโ€ขTATTOO is an Instagram influencer from Cologne with a knack for creative photography.

This Instagram star has made a name for themselves with 23,177 followers and a 152.58% engagement rate in their posts. Additionally, their TikTok has an average of 137021 views and 35,363 engagements per post! For those looking for beautiful visuals and creative tattoos, GILLIAN.

EASTโ€ขTATTOO is the perfect Instagram influencer to follow.

Followers: 23,177

Engagement rate: 152.58%

Avg. engagement: 35,363

6. Amira Pocher – @amirapocher

Amira Pocher is an Instagram influencer and TikTok star from Cologne. She encompasses a large following of 951,420 on Instagram and is well known for her stunning photos and her engaging posts with an engagement rate of 2.98%. Her TikToks have an average of 137021 views and 28,306 engagements per post.

Amira’s popularity and content has drawn attention from numerous followers and the media, making her one of the most sought-after influencers in the photography and camera industry.

Followers: 951,420

Engagement rate: 2.98%

Avg. engagement: 28,306

7. DOREEN PETROVA – @doreenpetrova_

DOREEN PETROVA (@doreenpetrova_) is an extraordinary camera & photography influencer from Cologne. With 376,215 passionate followers, they have been able to cultivate an average of 25,000 engagements per post and 6.65% engagement rates.

On top of that, their Tiktoks garner an average of 137,021 views! She’s definitely worth a follow!

Followers: 376,215

Engagement rate: 6.65%

Avg. engagement: 25,000

8. Juliette Schoppmann – @julietteschoppmann1

Juliette Schoppmann is a Cologne-based Instagram influencer, with a highly engaged following of 57,401 followers. She is known for her love for cameras and photography, sharing her creative content across her social media platforms. Her popular TikTok video posts average 137021 views and 22,621 engagements, resulting in an impressive engagement rate of 39.41%. She delights her followers with a constant stream of experimental and high-quality content, inspiring people to capture the beauty of the world we live in.

Followers: 57,401

Engagement rate: 39.41%

Avg. engagement: 22,621

9. Carolin Kebekus – @carokebelin

Carolin Kebekus (username: @carokebelin) is an Instagram influencer from Cologne in Germany. Photography and camera’s are his passion and his talent! His 581,151 followers get treated to great visuals as Carolin captures the beauty of the world and everyday life.

Carolin’s TikTok videos are wildly popular, having an average of 137,021 views, 16,565 engagements, and a 2.85% engagement rate per post. If you’re seeking inspiration and beautiful imagery, be sure to check out Carolin Kebekus!

Followers: 581,151

Engagement rate: 2.85%

Avg. engagement: 16,565

10. Die Maus – @diemaus

Die Maus is a camera and photography Instagram influencer from Cologne. With an impressive 398639 followers and average engagement rate of 3.88%, the user diemaus is a powerhouse creator across the platform. Die Maus posts are an example of their high average views (137,021) per TikTok and 15,457 engagements per post. Die Maus is most definitely a creator worth watching.

Followers: 398,639

Engagement rate: 3.88%

Avg. engagement: 15,457


As the future of photography continues to unfold, Cologne remains a center of innovation with its vibrant photography community. A cornerstone of this community includes these ten remarkable camera and photography Instagram Influencers of 2023.

They have established, and continue to develop, a stunning body of work that captures the beauty and creativity found throughout Cologne. As the years pass, their work can only continue to grow and inspire more photographers.

We can only imagine what heights these Instagram influencers will reach in the years to come. Creative innovation takes off from this amazing launchpad and the possibilities seem limitless.

Let’s take a moment to celebrate the ten influential photographers from Cologne, and the journey that led us here.