2023’s Top 3 Most Popular Instagram Influencers for Food, Restaurant, and Grocery from Sabadell

It has been 3 years since Sabadell rose to prominence in the food and grocery retail industry. There has been no shortage of Instagram influencers who have taken advantage of this opportunity, showcasing delectable dishes, unique food and grocery finds, and more to their followers. With so many active influencers claiming the title of “most popular” in this space, it can be hard to keep track of who stands out.

That’s why we’ve curated a list of the top 3 most popular restaurants, food & grocery Instagram influencers in Sabadell of 2023. Read on to learn more about these inspiring personalities, the content they crafted for their audiences, and the strategies for how they made their mark in the industry.

Top 3 restaurants, food & grocery Instagram influencers from Sabadell:

1. Aฬ€ngel Giol – @sir_braves

Aฬ€ngel Giol, an Influencer from Sabadell, is a connoisseur of restaurants, food and grocery. With the username sir_braves, Giol has a whooping 5,465 Followers on Instagram.

From TikTok, Giol’s videos garner an average views per post of 6,616 which culminates to a highly active and engaged user base. To support this, a 301 average engagements per post has been recorded for Giol, giving a whopping 5.51% engagement rate in their posts.

For those looking for inspiration on the freshest delights, Aฬ€ngel Giol is your one-stop-shop!

Followers: 5,465

Engagement rate: 5.51%

Avg. engagement: 301

2. Come Bebe Ama – @comebebeama83

Come Bebe Ama, an Instagram influencer from Sabadell, is a well-followed restaurant, food, and grocery reviewer. With 13,665 followers and an impressive average of 6616 views per TikTok, as well as a 2.05% engagement rate, they are one to watch.

Posts on their account feature reviews of delicious recipes, restaurants and anything food-related. The average engagement per post is 280, a high number for their followers. Keep an eye out for their valuable content!

Followers: 13,665

Engagement rate: 2.05%

Avg. engagement: 280

3. Papanatas.sbd – @papanatas.sbd

Papanatas.sbd is a popular Sabadell-based Instagram influencer specializing in restaurants, food, and groceries.

With over 2,947 loyal followers, their reach is widespread. Their TikTok posts are averaging over 6600 views and their Instagram posts come with an impressive 7.63% engagement rate! Papanata.

sbd is the go-to influencer for delicious food and obtainable groceries.

Followers: 2,947

Engagement rate: 7.63%

Avg. engagement: 225

Final Thoughts:

In a nutshell, the top 3 most popular restaurants, food, and grocery influencers from Sabadell of 2023 are paving the way for future influencers to come. From social media platforms like Instagram, to traditional media influencers, Sabadell’s influencers are worth following.

Their innovative strategies and eye-catching content have earned them a devoted following, one that won’t go away anytime soon. What’s more, their content and message are resonating with those around them, making them major players in the influencer game of 2023.