2023’s Top 3 Music Instagram Influencers from Mito

Welcome to the musical world of tomorrow. It has been said that music is the universal language, and this has never been more true than in the modern age of social media.

Every day, millions of music fans take to Instagram to discuss, engage, and listen to their favorite tunes. Now, with the arrival of 2023, we have identified the three top music Instagram influencers of Mito to watch out for.

These cutting-edge influencers are sure to be the frontrunners of cutting-edge music culture in the upcoming months, so strap in and get ready for this wild ride.

Top 3 music Instagram influencers from Mito:

1. LEEE – @leee_3337

Mito’s own musician, LEEE, is an up and coming Instagram influencer whose username, leee_3377, has quickly gained popularity. With nearly 1,120 followers, LEEE’s posts have an impressive average engagement rate of 6.7%. On average, their TikTok posts have a whopping 415 views โ€“ with 75 average engagements per post.

This emerging influencer is definitely one to keep an eye on.

Followers: 1,120

Engagement rate: 6.7%

Avg. engagement: 75

2. ้ฝ‹่—คๅ…‰ๆต – @vibesmaki

Meet ้ฝ‹่—คๅ…‰ๆต – Mito’s top music Instagram influencer, with their user name vibesmaki. Impressive engagement stats: 1,859 Followers, 415 average views on TikTok, 59 average engagements per post, and 3.17% overall engagement rate. Follow their journey as they share their music and content with the world!

Followers: 1,859

Engagement rate: 3.17%

Avg. engagement: 59

3. CLUB MURZ – @clubmurz

Introducing Club Murz, an up-and-coming music Instagram influencer from Mito. With an impressive 1,409 followers and a reach of 415 average views per TikTok, this artist has an average engagement rate of 2.7% across all posts, a sign that they are creating content that resonates with their fans.

Whether it be through their unique sound, engaging visuals, or high-quality production, fans have been clamoring to get a piece of Club Murz’s next move.

Followers: 1,409

Engagement rate: 2.7%

Avg. engagement: 38

In Summary:

Itโ€™s clear that music and Instagram are both incredibly engaging mediums, and when combined, the potential for great influencers, both current and future, is huge. With that said, these three Instagram influencers are, without doubt, some of the leading names in music on Instagram in 2021 and a great place to start if youโ€™re looking for inspiration for the new year.

Whether itโ€™s their unique presence, unique stories and incredible visuals, these artists are all set to be the stars of the musical Instagram world in 2023.