2023’s Top 3 Musician Instagram Influencers From Cluj-Napoca

If you are looking to maximize your online presence in 2023 through the burgeoning world of music Instagram influencers, then look no further than Cluj-Napoca. This up-and-coming city is quickly becoming a hub for talented newcomers to the music industry.

With its thriving nightlife, vibrant culture and emerging start-ups, Cluj-Napoca is home to some of the best Instagram influencers in the music world. We want to shine the spotlight on 3 of the most noteworthy influencers of Cluj-Napoca this year, so be sure to catch their creative posts to get inspired and learn some helpful tips!

Top 3 music Instagram influencers from Cluj-Napoca:

1. DJ AYA – @djaya.official

DJ AYA is a music Instagram influencer from Cluj-Napoca with 16,653 followers and an impressive average of 51,723 views per TikTok post. DJ AYA is known for their impressive content, with an average of 1219 engagements per post, resulting in an engagement rate of 7.32%. An up and coming artist to watch out for, it’s no surprise DJ AYA continues to gain traction and popularity around the world.

Followers: 16,653

Engagement rate: 7.32%

Avg. engagement: 1,219

2. Audio State (RO) – @audio_state

Audio State, the music Instagram influencer from Cluj-Napoca, Romania, is a veritable hit on the music app TikTok. With almost 8,000 Followers, an average of 51,723 views per post and 339 average engagements, Audio State, who’s username is audio_state, is an increasingly influential presence.

Moreover, they boast a 4.3% engagement rate on their posts, a sign of their quiet but powerful presence in the music world.

Followers: 7,887

Engagement rate: 4.3%

Avg. engagement: 339

3. UNTOLD Fortune – @untold.fortune

UNTOLD Fortune is a music Instagram influencer from Cluj-Napoca. They have a dedicated fanbase of 1,685 followers and a strong TikTok presence with an average of 51,723 views per video.

On Instagram, UNTOLD Fortune receives an average of 309 engagements per post and a very high engagement rate of 18.34%.

Followers: 1,685

Engagement rate: 18.34%

Avg. engagement: 309


We can conclude that the music scene of Cluj-Napoca is rife with amazing Instagram influencers. As the years roll by their clout only continues to escalate, and for 2023 these three remarkable influencers look set to carry this powerful momentum into a pivotal year in their careers.

We’re sure that their influence, talent and innovation is only going to continue to capture and captivate the attention of our urban music audience. As and when their impact keeps evolving, we’ll be sure to come back and share it with you!