2023’s Top 4 Music Instagram Influencers in Rennes

It’s 2023 and the music scene in Rennes is thriving! Music is everywhere, and Instagram is alive and buzzing with influencers sharing their sound and influence across the globe. With so much talent to choose from, we’ve put together a list of the four best Instagram music influencers in Rennes.

Get ready to be dazzled by their creativity, fresh takes on classic sounds, and the sheer passion they bring to their craft. From hip hop to electro to R&B, these talented artists are certainly making their mark on the music scene and Instagram followers everywhere.

So if you’re looking for artists to watch and support, these four are definitely the ones to put in your sights!

Top 4 music Instagram influencers from Rennes:

1. LODGERZ – @lodgerzmusic

LODGERZ, an up and coming music Instagram influencer from Rennes, is quickly emerging as a leader in the entertainment landscape. With more than 4,800 followers and an average of 236,638 views per TikTok, LODGERZ is already making waves across the web.

Furthermore, their posts have an impressive engagement rate of 27.78%, averaging over 1,351 engagements per post. If you’re looking for the latest tracks, LODGERZ is definitely worth checking out!

Followers: 4,864

Engagement rate: 27.78%

Avg. engagement: 1,351

2. Lโ€™espace Club – @lespaceclub

Rennes-based music Instagram influencer, L’espace Club, has built an impressive following on social media โ€“ 8, 266 Followers and 236638 average views on TikTok. They earn an average of 634 engagements per post, leading to a surprisingly high 7.67% engagement rate.

With their continued success in music-focused content, L’espace Club is a highly sought-after social media influencer with a dedicated fanbase.

Followers: 8,266

Engagement rate: 7.67%

Avg. engagement: 634

3. JEAN TERECHKOVA ? – @jean.terechkova

Jean Terechkova is a music Instagram influencer from Rennes, France. They have an impressive reach; 5,604 followers and an average of 236,638 views on their TikToks.

They get high engagement with an average of 600 engagements per post, adding up to a 10.71% engagement rate. Their followers are lucky to experience their unique music and style from this talented artist.

Followers: 5,604

Engagement rate: 10.71%

Avg. engagement: 600

4. Beast Records – @beast_records_official

Beast Records is a music Instagram influencer from Rennes, France. Their username is beast_records_official and they have a loyal following of 2,185 followers. Beast Records posts are engaging and their average engagements per post is 84, resulting in a 3.84% engagement rate.

On TikTok, Beast Records has an average of over 236,000 views per video and 84 average engagements per post. If youโ€™re looking for a music-themed Instagram influencer that is sure to engage, Beast Records is the perfect match!

Followers: 2,185

Engagement rate: 3.84%

Avg. engagement: 84

Summing Up:

As we enter into the peak of the spring season and the city of Rennes comes to life, the music resonating throughout the streets is sure to give you chills and bring joy to your soul. There is no doubt that the following four music Instagram influencers have taken the city by storm, letting their sounds flow through the crowds and telling stories that we’ll remember long after 2023 is over.

With social media being the driving force of the music industry right now, these four amazing influencers were able to seize the moment and make something of themselves by sharing their music with the world. No matter if youโ€™re new to music or a seasoned pro, you cannot deny the power of these four incredible artists and the vibrant force they have created in Rennes and beyond!