2023’s Top Franca Instagram Influencers for Toys, Children & Baby Products

As we look ahead with anticipation to 2023, the world of influence in the Franca-based toy, baby, and children industry is evolving rapidly. While we’ve seen a steady rise in the number of influencers over the past several years, we are now witnessing a new phenomenon – the emergence of three extraordinary influencers who have made their mark on the industry through Instagram.

From chronicling the journey of tiny babies to demonstrating the sheer joy of playing with the latest toys, these influencers have made their presence known in the Franca-based market, and have helped shape the landscape of the toy, children and baby industry. Be prepared to be amazed as we explore the lives of these three exceptionally talented and inspiring Instagram influencers from Franca.

Top 3 toys, children & baby Instagram influencers from Franca:

1. Helena Florindo | Influencer e Modelo – @universodaahelena

Helena Florindo is a Franca-based Instagram influencer and model specializing in children’s toys with 10,159 followers. She maintains an admirable 3.49% engagement rate on each post and has an impressive average of 54567 views on her TikTok videos. She’s gathering a large audience of parents, families, and kids, beautiful capturing their attention with her impressive 355 average engagements per post.

Her Instagram username is universodaahelena โ€“ You don’t want to miss out!

Followers: 10,159

Engagement rate: 3.49%

Avg. engagement: 355

2. โค Isabela filha e Livia Mamรฃe โค – @isabelasmessiasemamae

โค Isabela filha e Livia Mamรฃe โค is a popular Franca-based Instagram influencer family made up of mom Livia Messias and daughter Isabela Messias. With 13,461 Followers and an average of 54567 views per TikTok and 287 average engagements per post, their account has an impressive 2.13% engagement rate.

From toy unboxing and reviews to fun crafting activities and hairstyle tutorials, the two offer a great deal of engaging content that is sure to delight children and parents alike!

Followers: 13,461

Engagement rate: 2.13%

Avg. engagement: 287

3. โ™ก ???? ????? ? ??????? โ™ก – @manugominha

Introducing ???? ????? ? ??????? โ€“ a Franca-based Instagram influencer, TikTokker, and mum of two! With an impressive 54567 average views per TikTok and 92 average engagements per post, you can expect both quality and quantity from this adorable influencer. Not to mention, Manu has an impressive engagement rate of 4.14% on her posts.

Check out her account for the latest posts on toys, children, and parenting content!

Followers: 2,223

Engagement rate: 4.14%

Avg. engagement: 92

Closing Remarks:

It’s clear that with these three extraordinary influencers, Franca’s future looks brighter than ever. Their unique vision, passion, and creative mindsets have shone through, allowing them to be the perfect fit to represent the world of children and baby toys.

With each passing day, more and more amazing young people have the courage to step into the spotlight and show the world who they truly are. And for that, we can be thankful for this amazing trio who have lit the path for many to come.

With their imaginative spirit and unrivalled talent, these three influencers have not only defined the future of children and baby toys in Franca, but also set a higher standard for the industry as a whole โ€“ one that others can aspire to continue fulfilling in the years to come.