2023’s Top Sports Instagram Influencers in Vashkivtsi: The 4 Best Picks

Thereโ€™s no doubt that sports are an intrinsic part of the lives of millions across the world. But few people understand just how much impact Instagram has had on sports in recent years.

In Vashkivtsi, Instagram has played a critical role in helping to promote the work of leading influencers in the exciting fields of sports and fitness. To help narrow down the list, weโ€™ve broken down the four best sports Instagram influencers to watch out for in this vibrant city in 2023.

Top 4 sports Instagram influencers from Vashkivtsi:

1. YURII OROBETS – @yurii.orobets

The sports Instagram influencer YURII OROBETS, hailing from Vashkivtsi and with 80,320 Followers on Instagram, has an impressive reach when it comes to engaging with his followers. His TikTok viewership stands at an average 34752 views per video, while on Instagram, engagement per post averages 57,606 engagements with a staggering engagement rate of 71.72%. YURII OROBETS has already made his mark in the social media sphere with his sports-themed content.

Followers: 80,320

Engagement rate: 71.72%

Avg. engagement: 57,606

2. LOMA – @lomachenkovasiliy

LOMA, a popular sports Instagram influencer from Vashkivtsi, has a vibrant presence online with a username of lomachenkovasiliy. With more than 2 million followers and an average of 34,752 views per TikTok, their audience engagement is even more impressive with an average of 57,579 engagements per post and a whopping engagement rate of 2.71%. Their inspiring content is a must-see!

Followers: 2,125,028

Engagement rate: 2.71%

Avg. engagement: 57,579

3. Usyk. The Cat. Oleksandr – @usykaa

Introducing Usyk The Cat – Oleksandr, the top sports Instagram influencer from the small Ukrainian city of Vashkivtsi. With 1.

8 million followers, this popular Instagram celebrity has certainly made an impact, garnering an average of 34,752 views per TikTok and an average of 52,088 engagements per post – an impressive engagement rate of 2.77%. From tips on how to stay in shape to fun sports challenges, Usyk The Cat is a must-follow for any sports enthusiast.

Followers: 1,881,606

Engagement rate: 2.77%

Avg. engagement: 52,088

4. Povoroznyuk Dmytro – @povoroznyuk_dmytro

Povoroznyuk Dmytro, a burgeoning Instagram influencer from Vashkivtsi in Ukraine, is quickly making a name for himself in the world of sports. His TikTok account @povoroznyuk_dmytro has gained 129,223 followers and averages 34,752 views per post.

His Instagram followers enjoy the 7,184 engagements per post and an impressive 5.56% engagement rate. With the entertaining content and great engagement, Povoroznyuk is establishing himself as an authoritative figure in the world of sports.

Followers: 129,223

Engagement rate: 5.56%

Avg. engagement: 7,184

In Short:

As the sports world starts to focus more on a global approach rather than a solely local one, Vashkivtsi is sure to be an ideal example for other cities to follow with its top 4 influencers helping to promote global sports pride and the many activities available in their great city. So why not start following them today and see what all the hype is about? From the latest in football to basketball and beyond, Vashkivtsi’s fourtop influencers have the capacity to help you stay informed on all the latest sports news and developments.

Don’t miss out and join the social media sports revolution — follow them now to stay on top of the action!