3 Biggest Art & Design Instagram Influencers of Valencia in 2023

It’s no surprise that Valencia is a hub for creative ideation, especially in the art and design space! With an array of inspiring individuals pushing boundaries and trends, it’s become an emerging destination for aspiring influencers in the field. This blog post takes a closer look at some of the most popular art and design influencers on Instagram in Valencia for 2023.

From exploring their backgrounds to discussing the ways they’re revolutionizing creative content, it’s time to uncover the top three creative stars to watch out for!

Top 3 art & design Instagram influencers from Valencia:

1. Escuela Superior De Danza C.G. – @esdcristinagutierrez

Escuela Superior De Danza C.G., or ESDCG, is an art and design Instagram influencer based in Valencia, Spain. With over 5,695 followers and an impressive 3.88% engagement rate on her posts, ESDCG has developed a successful online presence.

She’s proved to be quite active on TikTok, garnering an average of 944 views per post, as well as an average of 221 engagements each time she posts. Working as a source of inspiration, instruction, and entertainment, ESDCG has become a go-to resource for art and design lovers around the world.

Followers: 5,695

Engagement rate: 3.88%

Avg. engagement: 221

2. Tattoo | Ilustraciรณn – @erian_canelon

Tattoo | Ilustraciรณn, an art and design Instagram influencer based in Valencia and run by @erian_canelon, is a social media star with an impressive 3,145 followers. On TikTok, they generate an average of 944 views per post, and an impressive 197 average engagements per post on Instagram with an engagement rate of 6.26%. This is a perfect example of an influencer creating truly engaging and inspiring content.

Followers: 3,145

Engagement rate: 6.26%

Avg. engagement: 197

3. Am Tattoo Supply – @am_tattoo_supply

Meet Am Tattoo Supply, an Instagram influencer from Valencia. With 7,843 followers and a high engagement rate of 2.41%, they promote art and design with their creative posts.

They also have earned 944 average views per TikTok, as well as 189 average engagements per post. Follow Am Tattoo Supply’s creative journey and see their unique work.

Followers: 7,843

Engagement rate: 2.41%

Avg. engagement: 189

Last words:

It is quite remarkable to witness the growth and impact of three of Valencia’s key influencers in the art and design space. From creating aesthetically appealing content to engaging with their audience, these three Instagram influencers have made a lasting impression and have demonstrated their influence and creativity in this burgeoning field.

As the demand for creative content continues to increase, these Instagram influencers will continue to shape the future of the art and design scene in Valencia for years to come.