3 Most Influential Art and Design Instagram Influencers in Squamish, 2023

From the creative minds of Squamish, 2023 has seen a surge of influential artists and designers, making waves on Instagram. From mystifying abstracts to dynamic product design, their work has captivated audiences from around the world.

Here are our 3 most influential art & design Instagram influencers from Squamish, each one offering unique perspectives and inspiration to their many followers.

Top 3 art & design Instagram influencers from Squamish:

1. Andrew Gable ? ARTIST – @andrewgableart

Andrew Gable is the Squamish-based artist and Instagram influencer with the username, andrewgableart. Gable has accumulated over 10,500 followers and boasts an impressive 2.54% engagement rate on their posts. With an average of 268 engagements per post, Gable’s art offers a unique vision of digital art, bold colors, and abstract designs.

With its exceptional artistic quality, Gable’s digital aesthetic has attracted a growing fan base who regularly find inspiration in his art.

Followers: 10,542

Engagement rate: 2.54%

Avg. engagement: 268

2. Minttu Fibre Arts | Lotte Bond – @minttufibrearts

Minttu Fibre Arts | Lotte Bond is an art & design Instagram influencer based in Squamish, BC. Passionate about all things creative, Minttu has built a vibrant online community, engaging with more than 6,428 followers. Their 147 average engagements per post in combination with a 2.29% engagement rate, demonstrate how Minttu has successfully developed their online presence.

Follow their journey and discover the endless possibilities of art!

Followers: 6,428

Engagement rate: 2.29%

Avg. engagement: 147

3. L A N I I M R E – @laniimre

Lani Imre is a Squamish-based art & design influencer on Instagram. With over 3,000 followers, Lani’s posts all have excellent engagement, with an average of 93 engagements per post and a rather impressive engagement rate of 2.95%. Their photos encompass a variety of topics, from nature and wildlife to colorful abstract artworks and more.

Lani Imre’s creative sense of style, striking visuals, and inspiring perspective make them a great source for artistic inspiration.

Followers: 3,151

Engagement rate: 2.95%

Avg. engagement: 93

End Note:

In 2023, the art & design influencers of Squamish will be vanguard creators and engaging individuals who shape and drive culture – masters of aesthetics, marketing and branding. They, along with their followers, will be introducing and reinforcing an extraordinary, multi-dimensional image of the Squamish art scene.

With future art and design trends waiting to be explored and discovered, these three influencers have opened up an exciting time for artists, creators, and all of us who appreciate beauty and expressiveness. With their combined influence, we can only imagine what art & design will look like in the future.