3 Most Notable Shopping & Retail YouTube Influencers in Fairview for 2023

Fairview’s shopping and retail landscape is set to take a dramatic turn this year, as three of its most elite YouTube influencers have begun to make their presence felt. For the past few months, whispers of their shopping and retail expertise has quickly become the talk of the town.

Who are these mysterious personalities and what kind of impact will they have in 2023? Find out more in our comprehensive blog post below!

Top 3 shopping & retail YouTube influencers from Fairview:

1. PrettyBored – @prettyboredvids

PrettyBored, the shopping and retail YouTube influencer from Fairview, has amassed a stellar online presence with over 653,000 subscribers and a remarkable average of over 4.7 million views per video.

Plus, the influencer’s posts have an average of 291,459 engagements, and a staggering 44.63 percent engagement rate. With its wealth of shopping and retail related content, PrettyBored’s influential YouTube presence is hard to ignore.

Subscribers: 653,000

Engagement rate: 44.63%

Avg. engagement: 291,459

Avg. views: 4,733,140

2. Kevin G. Schmidt – @p8nbulldog

Kevin G. Schmidt, a YouTube Influencer based out of Fairview, is one of the biggest shopping and retail content creators on the platform.

Known as p8nbulldog, or โ€˜Pebble Bulldogโ€™, Kevin has amassed an impressive 828,000 subscribers and has earned an average of 31,528,358 views per video. Additionally, each post receives an average of 1,343,803 engagements, giving Kevin an impressive engagement rate of 162.3%. Whether youโ€™re looking for advice on what clothes to buy or want to keep up with the latest trends, Kevin G. Schmidt is a great resource.

Subscribers: 828,000

Engagement rate: 162.3%

Avg. engagement: 1,343,803

Avg. views: 31,528,358

3. KickFlix – @AlmightyOfficial

KickFlix, the Fairview-based shopping & retail YouTube influencer, is taking the internet by storm. With their username AlmightyOfficial, they have earned 825,000 dedicated subscribers and 13224291 average views per video.

But the engagement does not stop there– KickFlix has a remarkable average of 646,431 per post and 78.36% engagement rate, making them an upcoming and powerful presence on the web.

Subscribers: 825,000

Engagement rate: 78.36%

Avg. engagement: 646,431

Avg. views: 13,224,291

Summing Up:

To conclude, we’ve come to the end of our exploration of the most influential shopping and retail YouTube influencers in Fairview for 2023. It was a pleasure to observe the way each of these incredible personalities has contributed to the industry and connected with their viewers in their own unique way.

No doubt their influence will grow even more over the course of the next year. So stay tuned; new revelations await!