3 Spectacular TikTok Influencers in Mexico City for Beer, Wine, & Spirits in 2023

As the craft beer, wine, and spirits industry continues to grow in Mexico City, 2023 is set to break records for amazing TikTok influencers who are sure to have a major impact. With an array of new brands entering the game, we had to look for something special to take our introduction to the unique and exciting realm of Mexico City’s craft beer and spirits scene.

Thus, meet our three incredible TikTok influencers: Pepe, María, and Raul — some of the city’s most captivating personalities and most passionate purveyors of beer, wine, and spirits. From passionate pub crawls and beer tastings to gorgeous winery tours and expert distillery visits, these three have truly acquired incredible knowledge and experience related to beer, wine, and spirits that you won’t want to miss!

Top 3 beer, wine & spirits TikTok influencers from Mexico City:

1. ⛧ Mirko⛧ – @mirko.stoker

⛧Mirko⛧, an influential TikTok user based in Mexico City, has gained the attention of 22,100 followers passionate about beer, wine, and spirits. Their posts generate an average of 4029 views and 484 average engagements, resulting in a 2.19% engagement rate across their posts.

Mirko’s creative content and thirst for knowledge have created a unique following.

Followers: 22,100

Engagement rate: 2.19%

Avg. engagement: 484

Avg. views: 4,029

2. Tommycruzz – @tommycruzzm

Tommycruzz (@tommycruzzm) is an influencer from Mexico City who loves to share his passion for craft beer, wine, and spirits. With 67,200 followers, their TikToks are viewed an average of 764,652 times and garner 106,598 average engagements – resulting in an impressive engagement rate of 158.63%. Tommycruzz has irrefutably solidified himself as one of the top TikTok influencers in the beer, wine, and spirits industry.

Followers: 67,200

Engagement rate: 158.63%

Avg. engagement: 106,598

Avg. views: 764,652

3. Matingas – @_matingas_

Matingas (@matingas) is a beer, wine and spirits influencer from Mexico City making a mark on TikTok. Their profile has an impressive 9.

9k followers, 13.3k average views and 1.

2k engagements per post, for an engagement rate of 11.7%. They’re on their way to becoming one of Mexico’s leading TikTok influencers, with attention-grabbing videos that bring the Mexican drinking culture to life. Get to know Matingas and join in on the fun today!

Followers: 9,935

Engagement rate: 11.7%

Avg. engagement: 1,162

Avg. views: 13,274

Summing Up:

Ahead of Mexico City 2023, we’ve brought together some of the brightest beer, wine and spirits TikTok influencers. Their combined expertise, knowledge of trends and fan base promise to make this unique experience a must-visit.

Now dust off your mask and grab your favorite beverage, the party’s just getting started! #MexicoCity2023 #beerwinespirits #TikTokInfluencers