3 Top Instagram Influencers in Travel, Tourism, and Aviation from Ełk for 2023

Welcome, wanderlusters! We are here to bring you the top 3 most engaging travel, tourism and aviation Instagram influencers from Ełk—a small town in the north-eastern part of Poland—for 2023! From intrepid journeys through alluring landscapes to inspiring, jet-setting snacks, these social media stars are sure to captivate your exploratory soul. So let’s jump right in and get acquainted with the people behind these stunning accounts!

Top 3 travel, tourism & aviation Instagram influencers from Ełk:

1. Patrick. – @vxblackxv

Meet Patrick, an Instagram influencer from Ełk specialized in travel, tourism, and aviation! With an impressive 1,575 passionate followers, and incredible average views per TikTok (516604) and posts (662) with an engagement rate of 42.03%, he’s the perfect person to follow when looking for inspiration to take your next trip or dreaming of the best holiday spots. So hop around the world with Patrick and explore the beauty of travel, tourism and aviation!

Followers: 1,575

Engagement rate: 42.03%

Avg. engagement: 662

2. ?Janka? – @januszka89

?Janka? (@januszka89) is a travel, tourism & aviation Instagram influencer from Ełk with a following of 1,345 people. They boast an impressive average engagement rate of 44.24% in posts and 595 average engagements per post – showing off their ability to generate enthusiasm in their audience.

In addition, they have an average of 516,604 views per TikTok video, demonstrating their reach and appeal. If you’re looking for inspiring and engaging travel content, ?Janka? is the one for you!

Followers: 1,345

Engagement rate: 44.24%

Avg. engagement: 595

3. Adam Waszkiewicz – @adam__8.3

Adam Waszkiewicz, an Instagram influencer from Ełk, is the ideal source for all things travel, tourism & aviation-related! With a username of adam__8.3, 3,732 followers and an average of 516,604 views per TikTok, Adam’s posts boast an impressive average of 522 engagements per post, and an even more impressive 13.99% engagement rate. Follow him for the latest news and trends on the travel industry.

Followers: 3,732

Engagement rate: 13.99%

Avg. engagement: 522

In Summary:

As these 3 Instagram influencers prove, Ełk proves that social media is not an afterthought when it comes to promoting travel, tourism and aviation. As friendly, knowledgeable, and engaging partners, these influencers can help guide you, your friends, and your family to exciting and amazing destinations.

With the help of their powerful media presence and engaging message, you’ll have an unforgettable travel experience in Ełk in 2023!