5 Steps to Spotting Fake Followers on Instagram

As an Instagram user, it’s no secret that some users are guilty of buying fake followers to improve their online presence and make other people think they have tons of followers. Fake followers are usually made up of bots or inactive accounts that can’t interact with content or engage with real people – meaning they’re virtually useless.


Buying fake followers is a huge no-no because it actually does more harm than good. Not only does it make it difficult for genuine followers to get valuable insights from your account, but it could potentially make your page come across as spammy and less trustworthy.

How to check Instagram fake followers

Thankfully, there are a few steps you can take to make sure you catch any fake followers that might exist on your Instagram account. Here’s a quick guide on how to check for fake followers:

1. Look at Followers’ Profiles

The first thing you should do when trying to check for fake followers is to take a look at their profile. Do they have a profile picture? What kind of posts are they sharing? If they don’t have any posts or if their username is clearly fake, it’s likely that they’re a bot or a fake account.

2. Analyze Followers’ Activity

Another important indicator of whether you have fake followers is to look at how often those users are engaging with your posts. Fake followers tend to be less active than genuine users, so if someone follows you but doesn’t interact with your content, this could be a sign that it’s a fake account.

3. Follow Fake Follower Detection Tools

Rather than spending hours of your time manually checking for fake followers, one of the easiest ways to detect them quickly is to use a fake follower detection tool. There are plenty of tools available that can help you weed out fake followers, including Instagram’s native Ghost Follower detection tool.

Checking for fake followers on your Instagram may take some time, but it’s important to do if you want to make sure you have a strong and genuine online presence. By taking the time to review follower profiles, analyze user activity, and use fake follower detection tools, you’ll be able to identify and get rid of any fake accounts attempting to boost your stats.



Find real Instagram influencers in a few steps by using Imai

Imai is a popular platform for discovering and engaging with Instagram influencers. It provides influencer search capabilities and also provides insights into the performance of influencers on various social networks.

The first step to finding and connecting with influencers on Imai is to create an account. Once you have an account, you can perform a keyword search of potential influencers on the platform. This will give you a list of popular influencers who are relevant to your industry and have large numbers of followers on Instagram. You can also refine your search with demographic filters such as age, gender, country, and more.

Once you have identified potential influencers, Imai provides graphical insights and analysis of their Instagram performance. These insights include follower growth, engagement rate, post frequency, and more. This can help inform your decision on which influencers to work with.

In addition, Imai also provides the ability to reach out to influencers directly from the platform. This includes sending personalized messages and offers directly to influencers for collaborations. Imai also provides access to the influencers profiles, allowing you to easily monitor their activity.

Overall, Imai is a powerful platform for discovering and engaging with influencers on Instagram. With its comprehensive search capabilities coupled with useful analytical insights and direct messaging tools, Imai helps you streamline the process of finding and connecting with the right influencers for your business.