6 Tips For Optimizing Your Hashtag



6 Tips For Optimizing Your Hashtag

Instagram hashtags are important as they increase the visibility of posts and stories that lead to an increase in user engagement, more followers, and maximum profit for your business. A hashtag organizes and categorizes photos and videos for increased influencer marketing search.

Using the right hashtags could expand your reach to people not connected with your brand before. But you need to know the right way of optimizing your Instagram hashtag for influencer automation.

Follow these tips to leverage your Instagram hashtag

#1: Use a reliable Instagram hashtag analytics

Check what hashtags you’ve used in the past and their performance in the hashtag analytics. You can use Instagram’s native analytics tools for analysis or use a third-party tool to get better influencer insight about the hashtags used and shortlist the hashtags with most impressions, likes, comments, and saves. Also, keep tracking the performance of new hashtags.

#2: Get your hashtag featured in “Top Posts”

Instagram publishes the most searched hashtags in “Top Posts” at the top of the results page. Here you can get discovered by new users. And the only way to send your hashtag to the “Top Posts” is to increase user engagement and get quick engagement. And it should be within 24 hours of posting your hashtag on the influencer brand platform.

#3: Include your hashtag in your Instagram profile

You are allowed to include a clickable hashtag to your Instagram bio that will make your Instagram bio a reliable source of website traffic. Another great thing about this feature is that it makes Instagram bio more functional. Here the clickable hashtag can be used for everything from promoting your branded content and highlighting your campaigns on the influencer platform.

#4: Add a hashtag in the first comment

While a hashtag can work well in every comment but it works best when placed in the first comment. Another reason for using the hashtag selectively in the first comment is having so many hashtags could make your posts look untidy spoil your influencer advertising.

#5: Optimize your Stories with hashtags

Now you can add up to 10 hashtags including one clickable hashtag sticker to each of your Instagram Story. And if your hashtag features in search, the fake Instagram followers will see your story in the search.

#6: Add followers to your branded hashtag

Instagram has allowed hashtag following since 2018. Users interested in your posts can do more by following your hashtags. It will increase user engagement as the followers will see your content twice – first in your influencer marketing dashboard and second in the hashtag.