7 Best Instagram Reel Ideas For 2021




7 Best Instagram Reel Ideas For 2021


If you are looking for some real Instagram Reel ideas then get ready to get plenty of ideas. Here are 7 ideas to give a real boost to your social media influencer marketing.

#1: Highlight the real side of your brand

Treat your social community members as your friends and share with them everything that can in any way help understand your brand. For example, you can make a video of you and your team working for a successful launch. It will help increase your influencer outreach and strengthen your bond with your community.

#2: Show what goes behind the scene

Your followers are more interested in knowing about what makes a good brand than the video. Or you can say that by adding a quick behind the scene video, you can add some value to your white label influencer marketing. For example, you can make a short video of the behind the scene preparation to your audiences to allow them to develop a direct connection with the brand.

#3: Give your introduction

Target the Reels Explore Page with a real story of your life and how you created a brand. Others will find your story and those that find the story interesting will certainly become your followers. And you can try doing it yourself or find Instagram influencers that can do the job for your brand.

#4: Before and after videos

Before and after videos showing the change of face of a façade or making of a recipe can be more interesting, entertaining, and engaging for the targeted audiences. For a better idea of before and after videos, you can check videos made by b2b tech influencers.

#5: Give tips and share tricks

If you are full of ideas or could find tips and tricks for various jobs like laying tiles, making dishes, or even washing clothes, you should create interesting videos showing those tips for your audiences. And there are many influencer marketing tools you can take advantage of for making tips.

#6: Hop on a trend

It is a better idea to create unique content that interests and engages the targeted users. Search what other brands are doing to notice the latest trends on the influencer marketing platform. And when you have a trend matching with your business, you can make videos according to that trend.

#7: Repurpose content

Some content ideas are evergreen hence could be repurposed again and again. For example, you can condense a 30 second YouTube video in your Instagram reel and give the link in bio to allow the viewers to check the complete video on YouTube. Look how Youtube influencers curate their content on Instagram Reels for ideas.