8 Predictions For Instagram Reels For 2021



8 Predictions For Instagram Reels For 2021

Instagram Reels look similar to TikTok but it will be too early to say that Instagram Reels can win Tiktok influencers and become the go-to platform for both creators and brands.

So, what is the future of Instagram Reels?

Here’re 10 predictions for Instagram Reels in 2021

  1. Reels algorithm will become more specific

Instagram Reels algorithm could be influenced by that of TikTok. It will study who you follow, what content you interact with most and your location for selecting Reels for your feed. Simply put, Instagram Reels influencer marketing stat could become a lot more personalized in 2021.

  1. Monetization opportunities

The Instagram Partner Program announced will be a big push for influencer advertising as it will provide creators an opportunity to earn big bucks from Instagram. But it was announced in August 2020 before Instagram Reels. But creators can remain hopeful of making money from IGTV content.

  1. New ad format for Reels

Instagram has multiple ad formats including photos, Carousel, slideshows, videos, and Instagram Stories ads. But it is also planning a new ad format for Reels. It could be a short 15-second sponsored video. The new ad format will influencer outreach to new audiences in the dedicated Explore page for Reels.

  1. Shoppable Instagram Reels

Shoppable content could be a game-changer for brands as they can showcase their products in action with clickable links directly to their product pages on their sites. Also, they can reach out to new audiences through a dedicated Explore page at the influencer marketing marketplace.

  1. Reels marketing goes mainstream

Instagram recently introduced branded content tags on Reels and this feature is likely to increase user engagement with branded content. Also, brands will find Instagram influencers for the partnership to feature their products on Reels in 2021.

  1. More tools for Reels

Expect more influencer marketing tools on Instagram in 2021. For example, take a voiceover tool that can help in creating product demos and walk-throughs. But it is just one of the tools brands and creators need for micro-vlogging.

  1. More video collaboration

Just like TikTok, Instagram can also roll out collaboration tools like Duet and Stitch. These features allow brands and creators to establish a direct connection with their followers. Instagram users also need these features to increase their influencer marketing search.

  1. New trends started by creators

If the Instagram Reels Star Search series is an indication, it is for a new trend started by creators on the influencer marketing platform. Instagram as a brand appreciates creativity.